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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Gathering

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Gathering 20120226
I have to wonder if I am getting a little abstract with my definitions, but I don't care. The photo I wanted to use didn't turn out, so here is a gathering of delicious flavours. And no I did eat this :o) This is a dessert that my mother had. A mini pavlova, raspberry and vanilla ice-cream and a fairy floss on top. Swirled around the is a passionfruit and strawberry coulis. From all the sounds she was making, I think it tasted good :p

The photo I was going to use was from a Hen's Night party, I thought I had a great shot of all these glasses on the table with a bachelorette sign that was on the table, but my camera was still on night landscape mode and the shoot did not look any good once it was on a screen bigger than the camera's 3 inch screen, I was very disappointed.

So next week my topic will be 'Technology' lets see were I can go with that one :o)


  1. Well done for not eating that dessert, not sure I'd have stopped myself!

  2. That dessert looks yummy-Cameras sometimes drive me insane too..I am a big one to cut off heads :)


  3. OMG how did you not get a bite of that!

  4. I think the more abstract the idea, the more original and unique it is. :)

  5. Yuuuuuum. That is a gathering of flavors!