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Friday, February 3, 2012

TGIF and other things

I weighed in this morning and while the results were not good, i am taking full responsibility for them and know that hey were coming and is one of the main reasons for my no chocolate February delarations!

The scale said 113.0kg / 249.1lb that is up 1.3kg / 3.5lb in two weeks.

Even writing my foods down didn't stop me from eating the chocolate, or snacking mindlessly. So now it is out there.

On the no chocolate front, am doing very far. Wednesday (day1) saw me reach for a mini snicker bar in a meeting, I had the wrapped delight in my hand before I remembered that I wasn't allowed chocolate. I quickly dropped it back in the bowl and didn't look at them again. And I have to admit that general eating has improved over the last couple of days. The girls at work are very supportive too. One of them has her own no processed sugar goal this month, so we are helping each other out.

We did have a morning tea for someone's birthday yesterday, but there was no chocolate and I made sure there was lots of fruit to go with the cheesecake and dip. I only had a small bit of the cheesecake! Mind you I also had a mini Frankfurt and then felt a little sick all afternoon, so didn't eat again until 8pm. Not the best, but over with now.

The plan for the month is to keep some cherries and berries at work for my afternoon snack. That is generally when I would devour the chocolate in large quanties, so I do need a substitute for it. No matter what I have for lunch I normall feel hungry aroun 3-4pm and until I can get over this I will eat fruit, not chocolate :o)

But the good news is that it is Friday and I am not working this weekend. First weekend in a while actually. I have been doing a bit of overtime lately, it started because I was getting over the financial burdens of my holiday last year and then Christmas, but I sort of forgot to stop doing so much and so none this week. It's my usual weekend next week and so I think I deserve at least one weekend off! Sad thing is I don't really have anything planned, at least not yet! Will need to think of something that doesn't revolve around food. If the weather clears up I wouldn't mind going for a bush walk in Lamington National Park, but I don't like my chances.

Have to check with the girls at work and get some ideas :o)

And I realise I am just rambling now, so I will sign off. Have a great Friday everyone. The weekend is almost here :o)

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  1. Happy Friday! If I had a Snickers already in my hand I'm not sure that anyone could even pry it out...let alone, me choosing to put it down on my own free will....good job!

  2. no chocolate for a month? you brave, brave woman!!! :)

  3. wahoo...enjoy your weekend. Having nothing lined up is sometimes a good thing. :)


  4. Good job on returning the Snickers to its home in the candy bowl. That's particularly difficult once it's already in hand. It's good that you're bringing in a healthy afternoon snack. I run into the same hurdle about 1:30 pm (my day starts at 4 a.m.) and I want something to snack's not really about hunger though, it's about habit and I'm working on breaking it. Until then though, it's good to have healthy options.

  5. Sorry you had a gain. Chocolate is my enemy too, especially since quitting smoking all I crave is freaking sweets, I had to purge my house out last night of anything sweet and going to buy some more fruits and veggies today.

  6. You know: can't change if you don't see where you are having issues, right? You've been a great support to me on my blog, and I am here to support you! You can do it-- most important is to keep weighing, staying real and practical and keep trying. Focus on protein, and go in if you can and you think you need an adjustment.