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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week One done!

This morning I completed week one of the c25k program. And I am feeling good.

It is not so amazing that that I am feeling good, what is amazing is that I have a actually finished the first week, no matter how easy it is. No matter how much harded the following weeks are going to get. I did this first week and can I just say, that I think that is a first in its self! I start all these exercise programs that I see in magazines, but only do one or two days of them, then I don't do them anymore, I'll move on to something else.

I know I could be jinxing myself, but this time I think I will go the distance! That is not to say that I will be able to do the nine week program in nine weeks, being relistic, I am sure it will take me a few weeks more than that as I am sure I will need to repeat a few of the tougher weeks before I am ready to move on, but that is okay, I am prepared for that.

I just need to get on top of the food, I look at all the great foods the other bandsters are eating and try to follow some of there plans to get ideas, but Australia has hardly any of the same types of foods, and it is very frustrating, especially in the lite food department. I was looking in the supermarket for a lite marinade sauce, and no go, we have nothing that I could see along those lines.

So I do have a plan of attack, I'm going to search out the products on a calorie count website and see how they compare to the brands I can get here, my thought is, that they may not be different, just the marketing is different, at least that is the hope. Otherwise, I will have to make the sauces from scratch, and that is just not going to happen, too expensive, too tedious and too much time. Quick and easy, otherwise I'll never follow through.

I guess I just don't really want to commit to a healthy eating plan, the unhealthy one is s much easier and tastier, at least that is how I think my brain is interpreting this. But really when I stop and ink back, I love all the healthy food. Sugar is the enemy and I have to deal with it. I just have to remember what BandedWendy and so many other successful bandsters say to themselves - is this going to help me get to where I need to and deserve to be? And if the answer is no, than I have to say no to it!

And I have to repeat this until it sticks!! Be ause at the moment, it isn't really sticking.

Okay, I have gone on enough. The end of hump day is fast approaching, so I wish everyone a great end to the working week :o)

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  1. Great job getting through your first week! As for sauces, I make all of mine from scratch. I am lucky that I like cooking, but more importantly-- I like knowing what is in everything. Yeah, I am a controlling nutcase at times.

  2. COUCH TO FIVE K!!!!! Woo hoo darlin. So proud of you for completing the first week.

    From experience, I have been working on this 9 week program for 26 weeks. Yep, half a year and I'm on week 6. It's a 10 min / 3 min / 10 minute interval and I'm struggling with it, but you know what? I.Do.Not.Care. I will get to running a straight 30 mins when my body is ready. Just keep at it and repeat weeks as often as you need to in order to move to the next one.

    So proud of you!

  3. So glad you're feeling great after Week 1! I'm hearing something different in your writing this time too and feel that you could really go the distance!

  4. I've only finished day 1 of c25k, but holy thighs are so sore (two days later). I should probably do the second day today but man...ouch!

  5. Awesome job, it isn't easy! I did a couch to 10 k last year and boy, there were days...hang in there!

  6. Well done Sam. You should be really proud of yourself.

    I make a lot of my own low fat, low sugar mariandes too. I use just simple stuff but whip up the mariande in less than 3 minutes dunk in some chicken, leave for the day and grill in the evening. I can send you some recipes if you like.

    My favourite is equal parts (I use 1 regular spoon) of soy sauce, worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar and tomato ketchup. Mix together and dump over meat of choice for a day. Covers tons of meat as it's quite thin.