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Saturday, February 11, 2012

You Tube discovery

So I have to say that I have been doing some major evaluating the last few days. I know I have not been on the right track and while I have been trying to get myself back in the right mode, I have not really known how to get there and so have been trying a whole set of new things, most of which have not lasted more than a day.

The lastest thing I have stumbled across is BandedWendy on You Tube, I followed the link in Anthena's blog and discovered a whole new world of banded sisters. Now BandedWendy is at goal and is a runner and is straight talking! I love it! I guess I was in the right frame of mind to listen to what she said and it hit the right spot!

I have watched a bunch of videos, of her's and many others and while I still love my blog, I hope at I will be able to get up the nerve to also do a vlog soon.

But what inspiration have I gathered from this? Well, I just completed Week One, Day One of the c25k training program! I mean really did it, not a version of it, or 'program to get me ready to do it' I did the official version of the c25k program. 5 minute warm up walk, followed by 60 second jog and 90 second walk for 20 minutes.

And I followed Wendy's advise. I started slow! Walked at 4.5km (2.8miles) and jogged at 6.5km (4miles). So I was very slow, but I completed the whole session and had to stop myself from doing more. Although looking at the miles, I could have upped my speed a little bit more. I don't know miles in relation to kilometers and it can be a little confusing :p but hey, I can only go up from here.

One of the main points that I picked up from Wendy's videos is to increase your speed only by very small increments at a time and so that is what I am going to do.

I have also been looking at a lot of videos on food journals, it is amazing the difference a picture does make. I have been eating too much! I need to measure! And I need to take lunch to work! And I need to start working on this straight away. It's funny, I have been banded for nearly two years and I am suddenly having so much trouble in working out what I should be eating to loose weight. For so long I have been eating foods that go down easily with no effort. I have to completely retrain my brain!

One step at a time. Oh and the other good thing is that my exercise ticker is working :o) I am working towards that goal as well. And I am trying to stick to the no chocolate for February, I have had it a few times, but only a few.

Okay, I had better get back to work, typing this on my iPad inbetween calls. Fun times :o)

Have a great week-end everyone :o)

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  1. Isn't Banded Wendy AWESOME!!! :) I have met her in real life and she is just as inspirational in person.

  2. I just went and watched Banded Wendy-You're right ,it does add another dimension to be able to see food serves and changes ,Thanks for the idea :)

  3. I love banded wendy! Also ck out liz loves her lap band she is great too. Bandedwendy has def made a huge impact on me too!

  4. thanks for the link, I'll look banded Wendy up. Here's a km conversion for you. Good luck with the running!

    1km = 0.62 miles
    2km = 1.24 miles
    3km = 1.86 miles
    4km = 2.48 miles
    5km = 3.1 miles

  5. I LOVE bandedwendy. She is straight talking, and I heart her more than I know how to express. lol

  6. YAY on completing week 1 of the C25k!

  7. I haven't watched videos on food journals...but that's a good idea!

  8. I watched a couple of her videos when I was preparing for my surgery, but had forgotten about her!
    I'll have to get back to youtube and start watching again!

  9. glad you did so well with c25k! I'm headed there soon. And I have two vlogs that I've never posted - one was right after I got home from surgery (its hilarious, my eyes look all wonky) and one that I made for my 6 month bandiversay. I've never had the courage to post them though. hehehe