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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coffee vs No Coffee

Here are two days in my life lately:

My typical day with my misto coffee:
8am - Coffee
10am - Yoghurt and seeds
12 noon - Mince with a tomato sauce & cheese
2pm - Coffee
4:30pm - Ham & Cheese
7pm - Chicken or lamb with veges
~with this there is also 80 - 120 ounces of water

Now for a day without the usual coffee:
9:30am - yoghurt and seeds
11am - Ham & Cheese
12noon - Mince with a tomato sauce & cheese
1:30pm - coffee
3pm - chips
4pm - cheese
5:30pm - chocolate
7pm - Chicken or lamb with veges
~ with this there may be up to 80 ounces of water (but more like 40)

So can YOU guess what sort of day I had today, and yesterday for that matter?

Yep, the day with out the regular coffee.

I don't know what it is with the misto coffee, I think it is the fact that it is not as heavy and and not as milky, but it really helps me stay on track for the whole day. When I don't get the stuff from st@rbucks, my whole day is not the same. That means that my days off, and most weekends, done go this well. There is no st@rbucks near home, and to be honest, when I work on the weekends, the coffee isn't the same. The weekend crew at st@rbucks are not as good as the week staff!

Without the coffee, I have no stable plan throughout the day, no matter how hard I try.

So, now I know this, what do I do?

If there weren't so many coffee places about, I would seriously coinsider going into the st@rbuck coffee business for myself. Another option is that I need to be able to get the same mix elsewhere. Where, I'm not sure, but it is something to work on. And fast!

Thursday will be my two year 'bandiversary' and I wish I could be happy about it. But I am nowhere near where I thought I would be two years post op. I guess I am just not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in, because I know that the last few days have not been great, and I can blame a lot of things, but I don't want to. What I want is to be able to stick to the plans I lay for myself!

Sorry for the pity party, I'm tired and going to sleep now! Every thing will be better in the morning, it's a Monday, so I'll be able to get a decent cup of coffee :D

Night all!

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  1. I am with you on the coffee thing. I usually get in the mornings a Venti skinny caramel mocha with no whipped cream. so skim milk, sugar free mocha sauce, and sugar free caramel flavor. Not the best for me, but I need something warm in the morning or I CAN"T eat.. and it has protein in the chocolate ;)

  2. There are certain things I have to have every day to stay on track, as well. It starts with a good breakfast (or cup of coffee!)... don't beat yourself up, it's hard to keep your head in the game when you start off on the wrong foot.

  3. I have never been a coffee drinker. I would rather get my caffeine from coke...... so I can relate.
    Sam, the journey to your goal is not a race. Make year three the only where you reach your goal and plan a big party with confetti!!

  4. I definately think our bodies respond well to routines. It makes us feel like these things are key to success but in reality it's just down to fine tuning of our personal engines. Sounds like we need to find you a weekend coffee equivalent to keep your body in it's healthy diet rountine. I don't know what the Misto is from starbucks. Can you get them in via form and steam your own milk? You can buy any of it to make at home here, beans, mugs even syrup.

    Remember slow and steady wins the race. If it takes you another 2 years to get to goal, does it matter if you stay there forever? I know we all want to be there NOW but in the grand scheme, you ARE winning! xx