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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I really don't like the weather

So I should be celebrating my 2 year bandiversary tomorrow with a work trip up to the Whitsundays on a fantastic tour that was organised through work.

I should be in the process of packing and worrying about how I will fit in my scheduled c25k program at some great hotel while be surrounded by people who are on a tour that is totally revolved around food, yummy food and lots of it.

But I am not.

Yes the weather is affecting Queensland again (I know, I'm shocked too) to be honest, this bad weather is rather late, the affects of the climate change that aren't happening obviously :o)

It was decided to postpone the trip as even if the train does run, the weather is still not good enough to have a favorable and memberable trip. Or it could be memberable, but not in a good way!

Oh well, such is life. Just a pity that the tourism industry so often has to rely on the weather. I have planned a holiday for May to go to Cairns and I just hope that week is not affected. Normally I wouldn't think twice about it, but you can never tell when the wet season will actually end :o)

It is hump day people, so enjoy the rest of the week. I will be posting tomorrow for my two year bandiversary, very weird to be this far from surgery.

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  1. Happy Bandiversary! Have a great weekend anyway!


  2. You should come up to the Northern Hemisphere where our Spring temperature hit 25C yesterday and today with a humidex of 30. We're blaming global warming. But it is a treat when we usually have 2 feet of snow at this time of year. Enjoy your trip and happy 2nd bandiversary!

  3. Hope your getaway wasn't ruined by the rain!