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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A moment in time

Do you ever have those moments where you suddenly realise what you have been doing wrong all this time?

Yeah well I have had that moment with my lapband journey.

I really feel quite stupid about it, it is the basic rule and I have not been paying attention.


After watching a lot of you tube and ready blogs and seeing facebook photos of food and portions, I thought, fine, I will dig out my small 1 cup containers and only use them for a while...they are staying for the rest of my life!

Without realising it, my portions have grown. And not by a little either.

I have portioned out my meals for the last week and OMG what a difference. I am full after just a cup, it is only lasting me a couple of hours, so I am needing a snack between meals, so I will need to see about getting a small fill, but hello! The cup of food is what I am supposed to have been having all along.

To be honest, I am really pissed off at myself. If I had been doing this all along, I would have already been at my goal! But what is done, is done.

The last time I weighed in on my blog was February 03, and the scale said 113.0kg / 249.1lb and since then I have not commented on the scale, because that is pretty much were it has stayed! It has gone up a little and gone down a little, but always around the same.

That is until this last week when I started portioning my meals! In seven days I'm already down to 111.0kg / 244.7lb. So from last Tuesday through to today, Monday 05 March, I have lost 2kg / 4.4lb.

And another thing, while the change has been in portion sizes, there was also a little change in what I was eating. For the most part, I have concentrated on protein first... Yep, another band rule, something else I have not been doing so well.

In fact, when I go through the "golden rules of eating and exercise" as what is in the book my surgeon gave me (the Lap-band Solution by Paul O'Brien MD) my life looks like this:

1. Eat three or less small meals per day - nope, I am more like four small meals with a snack.
2. Do not eat anything between meals - again, not doing so well as I usually have at least one snack a day.
3. Eat slowly and stop when no longer hungry - for a while there I had really sped up with my eating again, but this last week I have been making an effort to slow down again.
4. Focus on nutritious foods - yeah, this means I need to stop eating the crap, again I have been doing better this week, but it could be a lot better!
5. Avoid calorie-containing liquids - I do okay on this one, the main calorie drink I have is my coffee and that is a protein rich drink, so not too bad.
6. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day - at the moment I am doing the c25k, that is three times a week, and I am behind on one workout from last week, so overall, I am doing terrible on this rule.
7. Be active throughout each day - this one has greatly improved since I started the c25k. I get a lot more activity into my day. From walking about the office more, to walking up the escalators instead of just standing on them.
8. Always keep in contact with your surgeon - well I am over-due for an appointment, so I am just a little behind on this one.

So out of eight rules, I think I'm doing okay on three of them, need work on a few more and really need to restart on a few of them.

And I wonder why I ain't at goal yet :o)

So I am taking some advice I have heard in videos from BandedWendy and am changing my weigh in day to Monday, it is the day I was banded back on Monday March 22, 2010, so I should take advantage of it to help me stay on track through the weekends. And hopefully keep me more accountable on my journey. I am going to go see my GP for a new referral letter to my surgeon, as they only last a year. And I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it.

I keep forgetting that I have lost 40kg / 88lb, and that is a great accomplishment, no matter how much more I still have to go, that in itself is proof that I can do this. I will make it to my goal weight.

Okay, this post is getting a bit long. Hope your Monday was great and the week continues.

And to everyone in the tornado paths in the USA, I hope you are all okay, the world sure does seem like a scary place at times.

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  1. It's so easy for portions to get out of hand. I eat in the same dish all the time for that reason.

  2. This! This is totally my issue too. *sigh* At least we're not alone :)

  3. I was doing the same thing...I took out a cup measure on Feb 1st and today is March 5th...9 pounds lost so far...CLEARLY i was doing the same. Good luck!

  4. Sam, you can get to goal. 88 pounds lost is already something to be very proud of. I guess your photo with the measuring cups was very meaningful!

  5. You hit the nail on the head with this one! I, too, have been slacking on my bandster rules and I've stalled. We can do foot in front of the other. You're taking great steps!

  6. It's SO easy for you to get away from bandster basics. Love that you're starting to weigh and such, it really does make ALL the difference. :)

  7. Great post and such a good reminder for everyone! They are "the rules" for a reason and yet, we ignore them with a vengance sometimes. :)

  8. We make mistakes so we can learn.

    Now you know that you want to change something and you can do that.

    Don't be upset you didn't do that earlier...

    Best regards,

  9. So I like how you recognized what was going on, fixed it, and are getting past it. You have lost a whole little person so you def have something to be proud of!!! At least you recognized the portion control now and not when you started gaining weight or anything. I need to get back to basics too. We are allowed to eat snacks so I do okay with that. But I eat fast.. my hubby eats fast and its rubbed off on me!
    Great job!!!