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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Technology

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Technology 20120304
So here is the technology that all good lap banders should be using every day :o)

There is no surprise that the inspiration for this photo is from me relearning how to measure my food this last week. More on that to come soon.

Enjoy the blue pic of technology; nothing high tech is needed to be successful on this journey, but you do need the basics.

Here's hoping the new week will be as good for me as this last one has been after re-discovering the basic rule of measuring my food and keeping it under a cup.

Oh yeah, and next week the topic will be 'On the Shelf' not sure what that will be, have to think of something :o)


  1. I really need to get some electronic kitchen scales but keep forgetting, might buy some today, thanks.

  2. Agreed. Sometimes it really helps to get back to basics and make sure we are keeping our portions in check and not just assume that the band is doing that for us.

  3. Thanks for the photo reminder. I really need to get back to basics and get my weight moving down again.