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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I saw 110.7kg / 244.1lb on the scale this morning, that is my previous low from January. To be honest I don't know why I have let myself be so unaccountable for so long. I have to stick to my current accountability, otherwise I wont see this number (or preferably lower) again.

2. Have I told you that I am enjoying the c25k program. While I have always wanted to run, I never actually thought I would enjoy it. But so far, the thrill of having my body run still thrills me.

3. Planning a trip for 2013 to go and do the Inca trail and am very excited, the plan is to do it in August, but I am hoping to persuade the other travelers to push it back another week or two, so that I can make it to Chicago for what BOOBs 2013. The trip is planned for 3 - 4 weeks in South America, so if it is moved back just a little it would not be too much of a stretch to add in the US for a side trip on the end of it. Here's hoping the plans go as I hope :o)

4. I have been watching a lot of BandedWendy on You Tube about her marathon this week end in LA, and then this week I found out that one of my Mum's co-workers is actually flying over there to run the race too. It sure is a small world :p

5. I also found out from a recent video, that Wendy works for a company that distributes Hint Mints, delicious mints, but I have only ever seen them at our international airports here in Australia, so I am getting my Mum's work co-worker to get me some, while she is over in the US. If I hadn't seen the video, I would never have remembered those mints, because I can't get them here.

6. I actually get to go on a 4 day holiday next week - I will be helping to host a holiday package that we have sold through work. Very excited, I'll be helping out while enjoying the great Whitsundays on Hamilton Island. All on works time.

7. While away I am going to aim to do at least one c25k session, by then I will be on week 5 (fingers crossed) and I do not want to miss a session as it will put me too far behind. I have a plan in place, I just need to stick to it.

8. Not liking blogger a lot at the moment, I have had to delete my blog roll, because I couldnt update it and I had all these new blogs I was following. I am now reading from the dashboard, but it is difficult to be sure that I haven't missed a blog post, and I am sure that I am missing some, because I'll get to a post and notice that I have not seen their previous post before. So I do apologies if I haven't commented as usual. I just seem to be missing a bit lately.

9. I think I actually felt some muscles in the back of my thigh the other day, mind you it was still under a layer of fat, but it was there.

10. And last but not least, I have to work this weekend, which is not the best news, but I do get Friday off instead, and since it is so close to the weekend, it almost feels like a mini weekend.... I did say almost :o)

Happy Thursday everyone :o)

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  1. Holy that would be a long journey for BOOBs! I think we need a Blogger meet and greet. I'm not banded!
    Keep working on those fitness goals. Some days will be easy, some will be more challenging!

  2. Banded Wendy is SO easy to get pulled into marathons watching her vids!! lol

    Girl, I commend you for sticking with the C25K...I got to week 4 and just couldn't keep up with it, then lost my confidence... and haven't gone back to try and pick it up again. Props to you for sticking with it!