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Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 103 Post-Op

I checked and I am at week 103 post-op, that seems so weird!

Last Monday I was 111.0kg / 244.2lb
This morning I am 111.7kg / 245.7lb
- gain of 0.7kg / 1.5lb

Yeah, talk about one step forward and two steps back.

I know what happened, I snacked on the wrong foods, my meals were okay, but the in between snacking got real bad on a few of the days last week, it also doesn't help that yesterday I went out for coffee and had a piece of mud cake with it.

I looked it up and that one small bit of cake was half my days calorie intake. Yesterday I consumed 1330 calories, the cake was worth 643 calories, image how good my week would have been with out it, the saddest thing about it is that I had already had a cake outing on Saturday, so one would have been okay with me, I am in this for life, so I have to allow treats, but twice in two days is not a treat, it is part of the diet.

That is what I have to get through the think head of mine. If I ever want to get into the double digits of kilos, or onederland of pounds, I have to stop the daily treats.

Having just said that I am actually off to work, where there is a team morning tea with lots of things that are no good. So yet another hurdle to face. I am planning on mostly sticking to the fruit that I am taking. And I also have my high protein meals planned for the day as well. I will just make sure that I eat my breakfast before it is time for the tea, that way I won't be hungry and I can stay strong.

Good news on the exercise front, I am getting into a rhythm and have been three times in the last three days, I am up to week four in the c25k program, I did do day one yesterday, but I should have waited another day I think, I wasn't able to do the 5 minute stretches, I had to walk for about a minute in the middle of them, fully understandable, since I had finished week three on Saturday and before that I hadn't done anything for a week. So this morning I was on the elliptical trainer instead. Still a great cardio session, but a break from the c25k program.

I'll be doing day one of week four again tomorrow, I want to do it right before I move on to the next one.

So here is to a great Monday and an even better week :p

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  1. I'M WITH YOU........The band is our friend!

  2. I think we have all been there with the snacking. I have a bag of m and ms tucked away. Upping the exercise seems to be the best way to go. Hugs

  3. I love that you're sticking with the C25K. Keep it up and those pounds will come off. :)

  4. You're doing great with C25k program and snacking can definitely hinder progress. I've tried cutting it out completely with limited success.