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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Holiday :o)

Okay so it has been another while :p here is quick run down of my week away and how I did with losing weight for the first week of the challegne that is going on at my work!

Started out strong, thinking that I would get lots of exercise in. Started with a hearty buffet breakfast at Thala Beach (Port Douglas) before setting out on a bus tour of Cape Tribulation and the Daintree; not a lot of walking opportunities and the food was very nice – I did eat the salad on offer with my chicken and salami selection, but then followed up with the yummy ice-cream they had on offer. Does seeing crocs in the wild count as exercise – I was in a boat and I pretended to be scared, my pulse may have increased by about 1% and then down in Cairns for dinner there was this delicious pizza, note like Pizza Hut, the real stuff :o)
This little cutie was stuck in a tree :o)


Its my Mum’s Birthday!!! Actually missed breakfast this morning (okay, I reheated a slice of pizza from dinner – still was yummy) then it was a boat ride to Green Island, still a lot of sitting around, but I did do at least 30 mins of snorkelling swimming in shallow water; and there was another buffet lunch – they are popular on holidays. After that very tiring day I had a pasta dinner and then (ohhhh) another bit of exercise – 45 minute walk back to out hotel – it was a nice night.

This was one of the waterfalls we saw on the way up to Kuranda.

Coffee was my breakfast this morning before I caught a train to Kuranda, we did a bit of walking today, but again a buffet lunch and then sitting for a while on the Army duck tour and bus transfers and then on the Skyrail back down from Kuranda. I did walk again back to the hotel from the Cairns city so there was at least another 45 min walk!!

Okay, this was just a bus tour day, visited waterfalls and Paronella Park (lovely place BTW) and it was some walking around the castles, but mostly it was a day of food and very leisurely walks. Another Italian dinner tonight – I really love Italian food :p
This morning we walked into Cairns city and strolled around, snacked on a cheesecake here; a coffee there. Lunched on fried prawn cutlets before another cruise and visit to a croc farm. And then because it was our last night in Cairns we just had to have dessert with our dinner.
Saturday and Sunday-
The weekend is together, because after a coffee, Ihad say farewell to Cairns and got on the Sunlander and travelled home – 30 hours on the train in Queenslander Class – should I say anymore on that. Yep the food is delicious and they have not yet installed a gym on the train :p
After seeing this written down, I just can’t understand how I could possibly have seen an increase of over 2kg on the scale – can you :p

Monday 14 May: 110.7kg / 244.1lb
Monday 21 May: 113.0kg / 249.1lb
Gain: 2.3kg / 5.0lb

So all this means is that I had a fantastic week, but it has meant that I was starting the second week of the challenge a bit behind the eight ball.

I am pleased to say that as of this morning the scale is already saying 110.6kg / 243.8lb, so as long as I don't screw up this weekend, it is looking okay!

I think most of the gain was just water weight from being on the train for 30 hours, although my food has been pretty good this week, there has been a few left over treats from the trip to be that good of a loss in five days.

I have been having soup for lunch most days, it is starting to get chilly here in Brisbane and so I did up a pot of broccoli soup, I hate broccoli, but I love this very simple soup, it just has garlic and onion in with the broccoli and then some parmesan cheese on top to serve. It fills me up and is very tasty.

So there is my update from last week, I hope you enjoyed it :o)


  1. Absolutely fantastic photo's. So happy for you. Please continue to update us and have the time of your life. Hugs

  2. Love the pictures!!! 30 hrs on a train???? If I sit more than a couple of hours in a car I start retaining fluid.