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Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 115 Post Op

Week 115 post-op weigh in
Starting weight: 151.9kg / 334.9lb
last week: 110.3kg / 243.2lb
Current weight: 109.5kg / 241.4lb
Change: loss of 0.8kg / 1.8lb
Total Weight Lost to Date: 42.4kg / 93.5lb

Yay, I am still loosing weight :o) gotta love that!

Now I am not supprised by this, I have been very good with my portions and while I am still enjoying some treats throughout the week, I have limited them and definately didn't overinduldge.

Now I just need to work on getting the exercise back into the mix. That would definately keep things going in the right direction!

The plan is to get to the gym after I get home from work as the morning doesn't really happen, I have been too cold and tired. Not sure if the evenings will be much better, but I will aim for it.

Best be off, don't have a real lot to add at the moment, so instead of boring you with nothing, I will sign off... Talk soon :o)


  1. Good for you on portion control-- it's not easy sometimes, but the key is to keep on keeping on .

  2. Yay for your continued loss!

  3. Sounds like you're on track! :) Exercise is the super secret key to my weight loss. Maybe it is for you too? HUGS

  4. Great job, Sam! I love that you've seen a new low two weeks in a row.

    This has inspired me to get off my booty and work out tonight. :)

  5. Outstanding! I'm hopeless with morning workouts, too.