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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Filler

Yes I am at a loss for a title :o)

Good news is my stomach has settled down, nothing to worry about (as usual) and even the tenderness has gone.

And it is Friday with no work sceduled for the weekend! So today is looking great.

Now I dont have my lunch made, but that is okay, I will pick something up. Friday's are casual at work, no uniform & my team leader brings us all a small chocolate, and most Friday's, we even do a coffee run to a place that gives you a free donut! So I am thinking I am going to need to pick up a healthy snack prior to getting to the office, and make sure I drink my morning coffee slowly, that way I will be able to turn down the chocolate, and will not need another coffee (or the donut) at coffee run time :o)

I'm trying to think of simple stuff I can have at work for satisfying and warm lunches (we have reached the windy time of winter here in Brisbane) everything I think of either needs too much prep or involves me buying from a cafe everyday, and that is niether cheap or satisfying.

The biggest problem I have on deciding what to prepare is all you American's! You seem to have such a great variety of diet foods over there. None of which are available here in Aus. And there is rarely a substitute either. So all these great ideas that I find, I can't use properly. Or have five times the amount of calories and a third of the protein :o) I guess I will have to stay with the simple staples like left overs brought from home, while tasty and economical, I tend to forget them more often than not :p

Alright, I think I have filled in enoughh of your time :o) Have a great weekend!!


  1. I always keep raw almonds on my desk at work. If I find myself tempted, I grab a handful. Stay away from those donuts! lol. Danger!