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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not me this time..

Thanks for your comments and support, it really means a lot. I will be going to the doctors. It has just been put on hold for a little while, because all of a sudden my neice is up for a visit and we really don't know what is going on with her.

She suffers from depression (it obviously runs in the family) and basically had a real bad day and so flew from Sydney to Brisbane to get away from it for a bit. The only problem is she only has a few months left before she finishes school. I honestly don't know what she will do with that. I know I need to incourage her to finish shool, but at the moment she is not trying or putting any effort, so a bit of me wonders if she would be better off getting to a better place, working through her issues and then re-do her last year of school through TAFE.

The biggest problem is the doctors are still trying to get her meication at the right level, so sometimes it works great, but with her own hormonal changes, it just doesn't work for some of the time.

Update: after getting home and discussing it with her she will be going back to Sydney. She just told me she only has about 13 more school days before her exams, so she will be going back and will need to finish. The few months is because there is then a break before her final exams and they go on for about four weeks, she has a two week break in the middle of them too. I think hearing it like that brout home how close she really is, so she will be heading back on Friday....

The silver lining of this is that while I am worrying about her, my mood isn't so bad. Thinking of others before me, I guess.

But I will be at the doctors next week. I know what I need to do for myself!

Now I'm off to bed. It's been a long day and I am tired. Thanks again :o)


  1. Your niece is lucky to have you in her life to help her through these tough times. Take care!

  2. You are such a good person. Remember to be good to yourself! Hugs!

  3. I hope everything turns out alright for her. I'm in the same boat now... I know what I need to do, but I'm lacking the motivation to do it. :(

    I'm glad she has an awesome aunt to steer her in the right direction. :)