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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Struggle

It seems to be a common theme on quite a few blogs lately. I ahve been trying to read as mainly blogs as possible as it has been a while, and it really di supprise me that the are so many of us struggling at the moment. And to be honest most of is hat are struggling are ones that have been banded for a while.

Suprising! But it has helped me, and so I hope my return has maybe helped someone else. Because it has really been encouraging to see that I am not alone! And hopefully with so many of us returning to blogging and returning to focusing on our journey, we may be able to encourage each other to keep on track and get past this hurdle that has stopped us in our tracks.

Besides eating and exercising, one of the main things I need to do is keep blogging, that can be hard when you've been at this journey for a few years and not yet reached goal. How do you inspire others, let alone yourself with your blog roll, when you can't stay focused on doing what is needed to be sucessful with the band?

At first I was thinking a weight loss challenge, but that thought quickly passed, because wave weight loss challenge in front of me and I gain three pounds :p Something about them just sends me off the deep end.

So I am toying with a non weight related challenge, something to keep me motivated and inspired to stay blogging. I have always loved photography and wondering if that could be something I could do as a self challenge to end blog posts for a while. I am even thinking that to start with, just a seven day challenge. One full week

To be honest I want to try anything to stay focused. It feels like I am finally geeting back to me at the moment, and I don't want to loose that. I have been very depressed the last few months and getting out of that rut has been a struggle.

One of the best things I have done is start reading your blogs again. I think if I had kept reading, I don't think I would have been so depressed for so long. Keeping in touch with this community is the best thing I can do for me :o) So thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your comment! We are truly in the same boat, for sure. I am also addicted to sugar, and it's not pretty!

    I too, am reading the blogs again, and truthfully it has in the past kept me focused on what I am doing. Let's stick together on this one!

  2. Hi Sam! Welcome back to the blogging world. I'm with you - fell off but miss it. I keep trying to come back but I fall off again. Maybe you could incorporate food photography into your blog, (meals you prepare/eat) or things you photograph on a hike or walk? I love photographs and would love to see your work.

  3. Sam... blogging has helped me immensely. Keeps me focused, accountable, and the support is wonderful. Keep blogging. Keep reading. soak up the energy. Drink to kool-aid!

  4. Trying weight loss challenges don't work for me either. I immediately feel panic and stress when I hear the word "challenge".

    Welcome back to blogland...happy to have you back :)

  5. A non-weight challenge sounds great, especially if the thought of one makes you nervous. :) Maybe trying to start drinking 2L of water a day again would be a good place to start!