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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Weekend That Was :o)

The week end is over and I am almost off to bed.

Yesterday saw me off to a friends for a fun filled Tax Party - we all had our tax returns done and enjoyed a great lunch and company! I am even getting a bit of a tax refund, which is always a great deal with the tax man :o)

Today I enjoyed a long walk this morning, we are getting faster and fitter on these walks :o)

I then went to a lunch at the coffee club for the monthly Brisbane WLS meet up(it used to be Lapband, but a few have made the switch to bypass or sleeve and so we cover everyone now :p

Once again I look around the table and can't help notice the differences in our journey's. Most have had the WLS for a few goodyears andthey have previously reach (or got close to it) and then have gained most of their weight back,and are now struggling to get back on track. Then there was one lady that is farely new to the group, she has reached goal, kept it off and has even had a body lift! And while I like all the women there, I can't help but be drawn to the one that has been sucessful!

And I notice the difference in the attitudes, even though it is a once a month meet up, most of the womengo for the calorie packed meals for lunch as it is a "treat" meal, where she sticks to the low calorie options that she always has. That simple act highlights a lot of my issues, if I look at every outing as a special "treat" meal (which I do) then that is a lot of "treat" meals in a week. Because when I look at my days, lunch at work is concidered an "outing"

Isn't it amazing what you can realize in a moment! Something that should have been obvious, but seemed to hide in plain sight, for the simple reason, that I did not want to see it.

Moving on to Monday and with this new insight, it seems like it is all falling a little be better into place. Because this morning my walking buddy and I decided we are also going to support each other at work with lunches! We will be bring food in to work to make salads and healthy lunches at work to share! I guess I really am starting to take control of my journey! And the added bonus of someone else relying on me remembering to bring in the stuff from home should be more than enough to overcome my usual forgetfulness with food from home, cause I can't disappoint someone else!

Oh yeah, and the challenge this week will be WATER!!! Minimum of 2 litres a day :o) that is the best start I can do for myself I think.

Now, it's off to bed for me, here is hooing the plan goes ahead well and the week is as strong as the prospect of it (if that makes any sense :p)


  1. I have problems sticking to healthier options when I go out to eat too. Now that school is back in I won't be going out as much, but I too, need to remember that every time I go out it is not a time to "treat" myself.

  2. My struggle lately has been my evening "treat" every night....

  3. The successful one is the perfect example of someone who has truly made the lifestyle change necessary for long term success.

  4. Great thought happening in this post. I think that definitely is the true difference between success and back-sliding, being able to not "treat" yourself every day, but really once a week (or month, if you've got the discipline). Treats should be just that... TREATS, not the norm. That's what I'm trying to instill in my boys at the moment.

    And the water challenge sounds awesome! I always aim for 2L/day! :)