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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday catch up

I saw the doctor and basically the only helpful thing that happened is I got my letter to see the lapband doctor. Everything else didn't go as well.

Basically, my little finger probably has a small fracture or break, but as it is not swollen or disfigured, there is nothing they can do, if I want I can get an x-ray, but "give it a few days to see if it stops hurting before you decide if you want to get that done".

As for the knee, he did give me the name of a physio in the area, but after going through my recent weight history (the pain started after a gained a few kilos) he suggested to see if losing those few kilos helps with the problem - which is what I am doing anyway, but I think I also need to see the physio.

There is always something that needs work on :o)

Head hunger is ahead today, mainly cause we are having a footy day at work
I get to wear the jersey I was given :o)

Basically there is a lot of junk around the office. I have had a party pie and 2 small chicken dumplings as well as a few handfuls of chips and lollies. So it could have been so much worse. But could have also been so much better!

I just have to stay strong over the three day weekend (love public holiday Monday's - hate having to work them) i am working all three days and usually that means bad food choices. The plan is to bring in carrots for snacking and leave cash at home so that I only eat what I have at work.... but I really don't think that will work, so I am working an planning snacks a little better and be a little bit more prepared!

Off to do that now! Enjoy your Friday and I hope all the BOOBs are having a fantastic time in Chicago :o)

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  1. Ouch! I hate when you see the doctors and come out none the wiser. They shouldn't charge you when they don't actually do anything!