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Thursday, September 27, 2012

So much for regular posting :p

Don't know where the time has gone... And whoe some things have changed, some are still the same!

I actually haven't been to the doctors yet and I need to for several reasons. But it takes so long to see any one at the practice I go to and I always feel like a hypochondriac. I am trying to get an appointment at a new place where they actually allow appointments, not like the place I go to where you show p, they take your name and add it to the list in front of you.

But I do need to do this soon, cause I need a referal letter to see the lapband surgeon renewed (otherwise I'm out of pocket for the visits) and I need to have my knee and little finger looked at..

Knee: this is probably something that the doctor won't be able to help, but will be able to give a referal letter to a physio for it. Not sure what is wrong, but I am getting some pain in it and I think from compensating for it, is the reason my hip is also sore. Nothing to play around with I know.

Little finger: this is weird, I was walking my dog about five weeks ago and the leash got caught up around it, when Blondie yanked, so was my little finger. At first I thought it was bruised. It wasn't too painful. But then a knocked it outwards and I got some pain. It's fine if I push the finger into my hand, but as soon as it is moved too far away from the natural pose of the finger there is some pain. And that can never be good.

On the up side. I have been doing yoga on a regular base. Three to four times a week in the mornings before work. And while this is more than likely thenreason for the knee pain. It doesn't hurt if I am careful, in fact Ithink because it is very structured and precise movements, it is actually helping, but it is sore after it, so I am taking it easy and trying not to over do it.

I do have to stop myself from thinking about how I look when I am doing it cause I feel as though this is what I look like:
And if I think about too much, I would stop!

But I am getting there.

The weight is still up - another reason why I need to get back to the surgeon, so that I can get a fill. At the moment I'm on 113.1kg / 249.3lb which is up about 3kg / 7lb from my lowest. At the moment I am doing some shakes for breakfast and lunch, with a snack in the morning and afternoon and then dinner. Not the best, but it is what I need to do for the moment. Hopefully it will help with my head hunger too.

I realised this morning that the head hunger is a battle I have never won and I have to wonder if that is the main difference between the lapbanders that get and stay at goal and those of us who don't. I sort of had it a little under control for the first six months after surgery, but then lost it... I want it back, that drive and determination. I am trying to get it, everytime I go to the crap food, I think, do I want this, am I hungry, do I want to get closer to goal? And so far the good is winning more often then not. Although I did cave once today and had a small packet of chips, but I said not to biscuits, chocolate and sugary drinks, so that is a start!

In other rambling news. I have got the new iPhone on order. Hopefully I will have it by the end of next week..... Fingers are crossed. Less than a week after the release of it and the whole country has sold out it seems. Its not like Apple didn't know it was going to be popular :p

That all for now, I will get back here soon ;o)

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  1. Glad to see you back posting, you were missed! Get yourself to the doc, your health is the most important thing! I struggle every day myself, and I am up and down, but we have to keep chugging along, because the only other alternative is to give in, and we are too valuable to do that!