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Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Dress Friday

No uniform for work today and just because I felt like sharing a pic of me :o)

Still tight, but I am working with my band and not against it. Start the day off with sipping my coffee and then water, and then lunch is this:
And the only reason there are no crackers under that chicken with spinach and feta dip is because I didn't have any left :p mind you, I can eat more chicken with out them, so it is a good thing :o) i had already eaten a slice of chicken and taken a bite of cheese from the small plate before I took the photo.

It was tasty and went down well, even if it did take a while to eat. I actually didn't eat anything else all afternoon, after work we went for drink and I had two glasses of wine as well as some hot chips, but as usual I could only have a small amount of those (I think I have definately over estimated in the below counter for the amount I ate). Hot chips does not agree with my band, only the real crispy ones, so all in all. Not a very healthy dinner, but I figured I needed to relax with work mates more than I needed to worry about food. And even with the chips I was still under in calores, I just didn't make the protein I like.
But anyway, I am now on the train on my way home and then hitting the sack. The only thing else that I will be consuming is soom water to make up for the wine. I really notice the dehydrating affect alcohol has on me these days.

Every day, I do discover new things about my band and my body. and one day, it will all click together and I will have all that I need to complete my journey to goal... It really is a longer journey for some.

Oh and I was actually discussing the band with some ladies tonight, they were curious and I was open about it. Explained the proceedure and everything. They are overweight and had tried so many times to loose weight and were now thinking about it as an option.

I like doing that, because even though I am not yet at goal, I have always thought this was the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I am very pro band when it comes to wls. I know that I am not currently at goal, because I have not done the work that I need to do. I also know that I still have it in me to get to goal.

Well after that bit of self promoting, I hope you are all as pumped as I am for the weekend :p have a great one and I shall be reading and commenting where ever I can! Thanks for getting through this one, I know I can ramble a bit after a glass of wine :o)


  1. Good for you for sharing your band experience with those ladies - I think sometimes we don't realize that, even though we may not be at goal (yet!) we may still be an inspiration to someone.

    Enjoy the weekend and get that protein in!


  2. Your lunch looks good. Love your top with the pee-a-boo shoulders. :)