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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really, can I be stopped?

Here's the lastest delemma...the fill was too big!

Not by much, but enough that I have made an appointment to go back next week and get some taken out. The problem with the water is getting worse. I am still able to drink, but I have to go real slow with it and I am not able to eat anything until late afternoon. Yesterday morning I couldn't even get through half my greek yoghurt. I put some nuts in it, (slivered almonds and walnut pieces) and they were not happy going down. No PB, but a some heart burn, which I think is worse :p

And then it feels as though I am starving, because I haven't had a lot to eat, so what did I do? Had ice cream for dinner! I am not happy with myself!

Here was my day (& the ice cream is probably worth more calories than what I have down)
To be honest, I was doing okay with it until I got home! But the low calorie intake (at least for me lately) just took it's toll and ate away at my resistance! Not that I am trying to make excuses! I know that I need to eat more during the day so that I don't do this type of eating when I get home, there are so many more better choices I could have made for dinner besides a large bowl of ice cream with choc topping! Even with the tight band. I should have had another shake, or I could have had some yoghurt. I would have been able to eat some fish or moist chicken, but I didn't even think of that.

I made the choice to eat the ice cream, and so now I have to get over it!

With my band, I think I knew I was going to be too tight straight after I had it done, but silly me thought it would go away, and to be honest, I can be tight straight away after a fill and then have it "settle down" a few days later, but this time, if anything it has gotten tighter.

So I will be on shakes and yoghurt for the next week or so and while that should be good for the scales, it will not be so good for my brain. Mind you the afternoon tea I had today went well, a tiny bit of thinly sliced roasted chicken, with spinach and feta dip on rice crackers. Very tasty, and because I was finely able to eat something, went down quite well, it just needed a bit more protein, but I may be able to try more of the chicken today, as I only had a tiny bit yesterday due to the fact that I was a little scared I would still have the next week should be alright, if I can keep in mind that it is just the mornings I need to be extra careful and then stick to the healthy proteins in the afternoon.

So today the plan is to sip, sip, sip water, as yesterday I only managed to get 1 litre down instead of 2! Shake and yoghurt in the morning, and then look at the same afternoon tea, but more of the chicken, and then for dinner, fish with a some veges. That's the plan, now to put it in action.

Thanks for reading about my delemma and I hope you have agreat Thursday - darn, I could have done a Ten Thing Thursday :/ have to try again next week.....
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  1. Ugh. I was ther elast week. Had some taken out and now I am the opposite. So freaking hungry. I hope it calms down for you some and you can get more oslids in.