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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's in a fill

So Thursday saw me back at my surgeon's office for the first time since last November!

We had a quick chat about how I was going and he agreed to give me a small fill. By his scales I have lost about two kilos since my last visit with him, but when I explained that I had ben steady for most of the year, but had gained a little in the last month, he agreed to put a bit in to help get it the losses happening again.

I got on the table, he did his usual thing of drawing everything out (& yes I still had the 8.5ml I had last time - always good to know) and then put that all back in and added another little bit. Now the thing with my surgeon is that he doesn't like to give you the exact numbers, so I am not 100% sure on what is in there now, all I do know is that is under 9mls. When he adds more in he will tell you what he pulled out when he checked it, but nothing more.

I asked him about this once and he just said that people get too fixated on the numbers and don't really listen to there bodies about the fill level, and it does make sense... I already compare myself to others in weight loss when I shouldn't, so I know I would compare fill levels as well!

Result from this fill....

A vast improvement in restriction!

While I never really pushed my restriction levels before, I knew that they were there and did occasionally notice it. I really think the problem was that I knew it so well, I had gotten it down perfectly what I could eat and just automatically stayed away from what I knew I couldn't have.

Just in the last two days I have already noticed that I need to learn those restiction levels again. There isn't a great difference, but it is enough that I need to be careful. And I am so thankful!!!

Already my portions are smaller, and I am finding it easier to stay away from bad choices. Yes it has only been two days, but it is a start :p

To help I have checked out Banded Wendy's facebook (Proofwlsworks You Tube) page as she has so many great food ideas and I'm going to try this:
Something simple and tasty and can be easily portioned out in small serves. I am just trying t work out what veges I will out with it so that it is not just protein in the meal. I will have a look to see what is on season at the moment and I think just add it to the dish.

The only thing I have noticed, especially today, is that I am going to be a little bit mindful of getting water in. I made the mistake of having a small glass of soft drink yesterday and that did not agree, in fact it came back up very quickly. The silly thing is I rarely drink the stff, but decided to have some the day after a fill! This morning I noticed that I have not had as much waterr as usual, and when I guzzled some down, I noticed it wasn't going down like normal. I am going to have to remember to take smaller gulps and do that more often.

But other than that, I am loving this fill. I have a goal to get to double digits (in kilos) and I would like to do that this year. So now that I have the restriction I need to just stay away from junk food and this should be achievable.

In fact I actually feel like a bandster again! This can only be a good thing!


  1. yeah :) sounds like a good doc visit!

  2. Sounds like this fill got you to a great place!