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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Self Commitment

Chris over at Banded in the 'Burgh has been doing an End of Year goal check for the last eighty days or so of the year. And seeing her updates there at the end of all her posts and my recent realisation that I am not commiting to myself, has really inspired me.

Now I am terrible at challenges, I know this, so this isn't a challenge! This is me committing to's all in the terminology :o)

Monday marks eight weeks until New Year's Eve, so that is the goal. Just eight short weeks were I commit to myself, that I will exercise, that I will blog and that I will work towards loosing weight, not just waiting for it to happen.

Those are the three things I need to make the commitment to for myself, and they all intertwine so that I get get back on track and get myself to goal!

Exercise: 40 sessions - this is five a week and I am not talking marathon sessions here, I am just talking thirty minutes of activity, something that I should be doing everyday as part of the lapband guidelines, but I have not done this for some time now.

Blogging: 20 posts - this keeps me sane and keeps me on track, so you may be seeing a little more of me, hopefully I won't bore you too much :p

Weight: 99 kg / 218 lb - for those of us that deal in kilograms, this is the big one, double digits! I really want this one, and I need to make the commitment to myself in order to get there. I have to believe in myself. Because I do not have a time in my adult life that I have been in double digits. So I know that this one is a big ask, but I am going to push myself and commit. Broken down that is 1.5 kg / 3.4 lb a week. It is a stretch, but totally achievable. Especially if I exercise and don't binge on crap food every other day.
Look, I have even made myself a little badge, because if I commit, I could actually get a body like that... Okay, maybe not without some plastic surgery to remove all the excess skin, but you get the idea :o) plus I like the visual aid to help me do this.

This morning on the scale I weighed in at 111.0 kg / 244.7 lb, that means I have 12 kg / 27 lb to loose. And that is a little scary, but I do plan on tackling it just one pound at a time. And the exercise and blogging will help me stay focused.

So there you go. My latest and greatest idea in the quest to get myself to goal. Daunting, especially this time of year, but it will happen.



    (and hey, thanks for the shout-out!)

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    1. Same thing until end of year. I cannot afford to put on any extra lbs