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Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 140 Post-Op & the Start

Week 140 post-op weigh in,
Starting weight: 151.9kg / 334.9lb
Last week: 110.3 kg / 243.2 lb
Current weight: 109.9kg / 242.3 lb
Change: loss of 0.4kg / 0.9lb
Total Weight Lost to Date: 42 kg / 92.6 lb

You see why I dislike weighing in daily, as much as it helps at times to stay on track, it also makes me wonder what actually happens in the body, because yesterday I saw 111kg on them, not that I am complaining! I am under 110 and am going to stay committed so that I never see 110 again!

I was talking to a ladies at the monthly support lunch I go to yesterday and we had a great talk. She has been banded for nearly four years, she was 156kg / 344lb at her heaviest, she now weight in at a tiny 67-69kg / 147-153lb and has maintained for a few years now! She has already had a body lift to get rid of excess skin and is saving up now to have her thighs and arms done.

We had a good discussn on the band and getting to goal. She gave me her tips on what she did to get to goal and what she continues to do now at goal. It was great!

Now a lot of the things she did and still does are the basics - prepare meals, plan ahead and exercise. But on top of everything else that I have been coming to realise she just helped to reinforce my commitment. And to be honest, it was exactly what I needed I think!

So I went home (or at least the house where I am currently house-sitting for a friend) and cooked up a cottage pie mixture (no potato topping) I have divided it up into one cup servings and as I sit here on the train to work, I have a weeks supply of healthy lunches ready to heat and eat :o)

I also have my exercise planned out, when I get home tonight I will be putting my walking shoes on and getting myself to the gym and paying a visit to the treadmill!

Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day, so fancy dress at work (still not sure what I will wear) so I will take a change of clothes to work with me and I am going to walk from work to a different station. I can easily get a minimum of 30 minutes if I walk to Milton station and better still that is in the wrong dirrection to were I live, so I will be able to get a guaranteed seat on the train as I normally get on the main city station and it can be a rush for a seat in peak times :o)

Now Wednesdayis my day off and I have to talk my mother to a doctor's appointment as she will not be ale to drive for it, has to have nil by mouth for twelve hours before hand and so will not be in the right mind to drive :p so that day I plan on getting to the gym in the morning before that happens!

Thursday I am going to try to get out early before work and talk a walk in the parks around where I am staying, it is a very pretty and quite area!

Friday will be a rest day, mainly because this is usually a night to go out after work for a drink or two. And then on the week-end, I am working, but will still have time for the gym on Saturday morning and my usual long walk on Sunday morning.

The week is planned and I have added it to my diary, calendar and now blog :o)

Here's to a great week of sticking to a plan and commiting to ourselves that we will achieve our goals!!
Exercise - 0/40

Blogging - 1/20

Weight - 99kg (currently 109.9kg)


  1. Your lunch sounds very inspiring!
    Keep at it... the only way to fail is to give up, right?

  2. See? Day by day, you're reaching your goals! Love the planning for lunches - it really works!

  3. I love those support groups! Not only is it so helpful to have people around you on the same journey, but you also get really good tips!