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Monday, December 10, 2012

On The Mend

Week 142 post-op weigh in,
Starting weight: 151.9kg / 334.9lb
Last week: 108.2 kg / 238.5 lb
Current weight: 108.8 kg / 239.9 lb
Change: gain of 0.6 kg / 1.4 lb
Total Weight Lost to Date: 43.1 kg / 95 lb

There was a little but of a bounce back on the scale this week, and I can't say that I am surprised! I have now had two weeks with very little exercise, although I did have my two hour walk yesterday!

The chest is getting better, at the moment the stitches don't need to be covered and I just need to wait until Thursday before I go back to have them taken out. I have more discomfort than actual pain at the moment, and the fact the my boob feels like it is dragging on the stitches doesn't help :p supportive bras are very in with me at the moment, and I think they will be for a while yet... I just wish I had one that was shower proof, as that is just awkward to try and support myself while washing the hair. I am hoping that as the wound heals more, it won't be so bad!

Moving on, I feel a little bad about the fact that it has been two weeks since I have been to the gym, and yesterday, while I was on my walk, I realised that other han a few days when I was actually recovering, I should have been going! I can still walk! I just can't jog!

You see, because I had started the c25k program, I have found walking on the treadmill a little boring, only because I am in love with the idea of running, have no idea what the out come of this will be, but at the moment I want to at least say that I can run 5km without stopping. Once I can do that, then I will decide if I like it and want to continue with it.

When I couldn't jog because of the pain that would cause, I automatically transfered that pain to any movement at the gym! So I didn't go. And so the scale has since rewarded me with a numbe that is not the best. Titally understandable, and I am totally miffed withmyself for letting my head win the game on this one.

Having said that, I didn't get to the gym this morning either, so knowledge doesn't always lead to action, but I am still working on it.

Saturday, a lady I have met through the monthly lapband support group meetups had a Christmas party at her place and I had a great time, she is a brainy scientist and half the people there where scientics from her work and the other half where old school buddies she has recently been able to find again and me :o) and I really didn't feel awkward at all. I enjoyed meeting all these new people and we seemed to get along great. That not feeling out of place is a vast improvement.

She is one of the few successful lapbanders that come to the monthly meetups, and I really do find herti be very motivational and supportive. Everyone else is either having problems with the band or have moved on to other WLS and are having great success that way.

And while at her place, I noticed something hat seems to be very familiar with sucessful bandsters, vitamins! She has them on her kitchen bench where they can't be missed and she is religious with taking them. That is something that I have never been able to get into a regular habit with, and something I will be working on!

I really think that I have just forgotten all the basics over the last few years, and even when I see them written down, or someone tells me what they are, I am not seeing or hearing them. Laziness is a part if it, I get bored with doing things over and over again, and not seeing hugh results straight away. To help, I am starting to work on my goals next year and am leaning towards visual aids, charts and reward stickers. Yes I know it sounds like I am five again, but if it works, I am all for it.

I am thinking that 2013 will be the year of the good habits, because that is what my life and my journey is really missing, good habits that benifit me and my weight loss.

And I think I will end this rambling post on that note! Have a great Monday and enjoy the rest of the week :o)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Never Ending Saga

Can I just say that there are a lot of times that I hate my life!

There can be lots of different reasons for this hate, most of the time it is because I haven't done something I should have to make my life better, or I want more than I can afford. Most of the time it is all about me and what I am not doing to fix or be content with my life.

At the moment, it is my health that is not co-operating with me, last week the cyst I had on my chest had to be cut opened and drained as it wasn't going down and a small hole developed and it was disgusting and I was in a lot of pain afterwards. Enough said on that bit of TMI sector for now.

That was on Tuesday, and while it was sore afterwards, it was okay when the doctor was actually working on me, because he numbed the area! Wednesday was another story when I had to go back to have it checked and the dressing changed, because they don't numb you for that!

That really hurt, during and after......for a long time after. In fact I screamed when they removed the original bandage and was in so much shock, that they gave me the day off work and a prescription for some very strong pain killers!

I was pretty much back to normal by Saturday when I went to a work Christmas party (barefoot bowling - it was fun) and had a bit of a late night, but didn't over indulge, and then on Sunday afternoon, went to a friends for nibbles and a few drinks to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Woke up Monday morning and bam, cramping stomach like you would not believe! Looks like a got a bit of food poisoning at the nibbles, I will never look at another frankfurt in my life! But then no one else got sick, so I have a feelling it has more to do with the fact that I have been so run down and been on so many antibiotics lately! All I can say is that I am very grateful that the pain has stayed as cramps and there is no throwing up involved!

And because of the way I as feeling, I didn't weigh in Monday morning, I didn't know if that was good or bad, after a great loss last week, I was half expecting a gain, and I have purposely stayed away from the scale, in the hopes of eliminating the negiative thoughts I have about it!

Yesterday I had to go to a surgeon to have the whole in my chest made bigger and have all of the cyst removed, I now have five stitches and am in pain again. I still have pain medication let over from last week, so it is sort of okay, but I can still feel the stitches pulling and I am still in a little pain, I don't like it at all :/

The moral behind this saga is that I have not been to the gym now in over a week, and while at the moment I know I need to heal myself, there have been days when I should have gone, could have been active, and chose not to, used the fact that I was ot feeling 110% as an excuse to not work out. And that just shows me that I have not yet changed my ways.

Always having to work on your habits is exhausting at the best of times, down right impossible when you are not in peak condition!

In spite of all this, I did weigh in this morning, one day late for the week:

Week 141 (plus two days) post-op weigh in,
Starting weight: 151.9kg / 334.9lb
Last week: 108.6 kg / 239.4 lb
Current weight: 108.2 kg / 238.5 lb
Change: loss of 0.4 kg / 0.9 lb
Total Weight Lost to Date: 43.7 kg / 96.4 lb

Now I am not sure what will happen with this loss this week, as I have not been eating a lot the last few days, just been trying to get lots of fluids in, so when I start to eat again, it will be interesting to see if there is a bounce back up on the scale!

I will definiately be watching what I eat this week, and as soon as I can, I will be getting back to the gym.

And I do hope that I do not need anymore time off work! There has been way too much time off in the last two weeks and I always feel so guilty about taking it off.

I better get going, this has taken me a lot longer to type this us than usual and I think the pain medication has something to do with that, on that note I should add, sorry if anything in the post doesn't make any sence, I think I am a little bit under the influence of the drugs I'm on :o) should make for a fun day at work!

Have a great Wednesday :o)