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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I have to wonder what I am doing to myself. I had an ugly start to the day. I ate a Butterfinger and some choc peanut brittle for breakfast!!! Not a great start to the day and not even a great thing to do at any time.

I was hungry when I woke up, that is weird for me. It is not my time of the month (at least it shouldn't be) so that can't be the reason for it, and I had the chocolate monsters in the house, very bad idea, I know!

So being totally disgusted with myself I then got ready for work and left the house.

And here is where my day improved... I didn't let it destroy my day!

I had my morning coffee, my 10am breakfast of yoghurt and seed mix (only had half as much this morning to save the calories) lunch was 60grams on lean ham with a cheese stick, and then another coffee later on. And I also had some beef jerky, 70 cal/11grams of protein worth.

Dinner tonight is turkey mince with veges in a tomato based sauce and some cheese.

I am staying away from carbs as much as possible, in the hopes that it will assist with my catabolic ways and get the scale moving again.

I even experienced a bit of a NSV today, I was walking at lunch and rubbed my stomach, and I felt my port!! Now I was rubbing a little hard, I think I was subconsiously curious to see if I could feel it, and I could, I was walking around with a big stupid grin on my face and my hand almost digging into my stomach. Be ause believe my it does not stick out, but when I stand up straight and tall and press in just a little, I can feel it :o)

I think I'm gonna be one of those people that go around asking if you want to pet my port :p I can't wait for that day.

So here is to a day that started terrible, but not letting that moment destroy the whole day and getting right back onto the band rules!!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Gathering

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Gathering 20120226
I have to wonder if I am getting a little abstract with my definitions, but I don't care. The photo I wanted to use didn't turn out, so here is a gathering of delicious flavours. And no I did eat this :o) This is a dessert that my mother had. A mini pavlova, raspberry and vanilla ice-cream and a fairy floss on top. Swirled around the is a passionfruit and strawberry coulis. From all the sounds she was making, I think it tasted good :p

The photo I was going to use was from a Hen's Night party, I thought I had a great shot of all these glasses on the table with a bachelorette sign that was on the table, but my camera was still on night landscape mode and the shoot did not look any good once it was on a screen bigger than the camera's 3 inch screen, I was very disappointed.

So next week my topic will be 'Technology' lets see were I can go with that one :o)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A few changes

So I have made a few adjustments.

First up - I have a new Faceb0ok page. SamBandedForMe this is were I will be very open about my band and progress. While I am not hiding the band from people, I am not open about it and I think this new page will allow me to have a more open and honest accountable approach to me journey from here on in.

Please feel free to befriend me. There are a lot of people that seem to have pages separate to there own, so it should be fun.

Still going with the c25k program. Completed Week Two, Day Two this morning. It was a good morning, do have a little pain in my left hip, so I will need to look into that and maybe try some strengthening exercises or something.

I am actually sitting on the train at the moment and doing those bum flexes :p I think I just don't have enough core strength going on and that is the cause of the hip pain...I hope. So core is on the agendar for the time being. It is an area I always get slack with, basically because it does feel like you're doing much. And it takes a while to feel any sort of difference. But I will stay with it, I know it is super important for me.

Still having a hard time getting on the right diet track. I think I am having a good protein lunch, but then my brain thinks I'm hungry and so I end up with a pack of chips. I think the part I am missing is just a little bit of carbs at the end to satisfy me. The hard bit is sticking to just a little bit. Either that or I just need to push through it and don't cave in!

That is probably more like it, I just gotta 'suck it up, buttercup' as my mum loves to say :o) I actually find myself saying this to myself more and more lately. It is helping, so I just have to apply it more often.

I think this deserves to be my new motto!

Okay, it is Wednesday, so have a great hump day people and lets get this journey happening!!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Broken

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Broken 20120219
So this is a habit I long ago broke, smoking! I found this reminant of that habit the other day. My Mum has only stopped smoking about 18 months ago and we still occassionally have friends over that still smoke, but not in the house, this little trolley with it's ashtray is on the retaining wall in our garden, just waiting for those infrequent visitors that still smoke.

It came to mind when I was thinking of this weeks topic, it was either this or I was going to have to actually brake something, and I didn't want to do that :p

Next week will be 'Gathering'...stay tuned :o)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Airplane Crash Investigation

You ever watch those shows where they show you a really bad air crash and how it all went wrong to cause an aeroplane to fall from the sky? I know I have, its a morbid curiosity with those types of shows, it was worse before I flew overseas for the first time, wondering if that could actually happen, but I still watched them. Could not stop.

On the surface, it would seem like there was one obvious reason for the airplane to come down, but the more they dug and the more the looked, the more reasons would appear for the disaster. It always amazed me that in the end it was always the same thing.....a lot of little errors that by themselves were harmless, but combined caused a modern marvel to come crashing down in one massive failure.
Lately I have wondered if I should do the same type of investigation into my wieght loss journey. What is really holding me back.

And this is not a pity party, I am just trying to understand myself. I have been lax in evaluating myself and my mind to figure out why I have stalled for the last 18 months (I can't believe I let it go on this long)
On the surface it would appear that me eating choices are not he best and that is why I have not lost significant weight in this time. But in reality that is just the end result, the airplane crash - to follow on from the title. What has caused the bad food choices, that is what I need to work on.

I don't believe that I will make it to goal.

There I said it.

Sad isn't it. I have been fighting it for so long and I have been telling my self for so long that I will get to goal. But the truth is deep down, I have never believed it.

I think this is the one big reason why the journey of mine is crashing at the moment, there are lots of other little reasons, I have not stayed on track, I have not been honest with myself or others in what I am eating, I still secret eat, I have not exercised enough, I don't say no to the bad choices, I don't get enough sleep.
Lots and lots of little reasons that when put together come up with the catastrophe of me not loosing the weight and me being in self denial on the real reason.

So what now?

I have to start believing that I will reach my goal. I know this. And I am in the process of changing this mentality. The band works as long as I work with the band, that isn't the issue I am having. I have never been thin, never been anywhere near a healthy weight. I dont know how to be at a healthy weight. How do you get past that?

I am working on a visualization board to help me. As I don't have photos of a skinny me, I will use pictures that I can find of the type of body I am working towards. Realistic body shapes, not the supermodel skinny body types. I am also including exercise and healthy foods and habits that's need to incorporate into my journey to get me there.

I will take a photo of it when I get it up and running, I am searching for the photos now, so if you have any ideas on what else could go on it, feel free :o)

I am also trying to work on the negative self talk that goes on in the head. A lot of it is subconsious, so I really have to stop and listen and then 'cancel' it and change it for positive self talk. It is exhausting. So positive mantras are on the agenda for me as well.

And exercise :o) I am sure you know as well as I do that exercise is great for depression and bad moods. I don't have a problem with the negative thoughts after a workout, I may have them before hand to try and get out of the workout, but after it is all good. So more of that.

So I do have a plan, and believe me, this is not a pity party post, I am in a good place right now. Better still after this post as it has put my thoughts in some order. The action plan feels more real. Thanks for reading this long post and your continual support.

Have a great Friday :o)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week One done!

This morning I completed week one of the c25k program. And I am feeling good.

It is not so amazing that that I am feeling good, what is amazing is that I have a actually finished the first week, no matter how easy it is. No matter how much harded the following weeks are going to get. I did this first week and can I just say, that I think that is a first in its self! I start all these exercise programs that I see in magazines, but only do one or two days of them, then I don't do them anymore, I'll move on to something else.

I know I could be jinxing myself, but this time I think I will go the distance! That is not to say that I will be able to do the nine week program in nine weeks, being relistic, I am sure it will take me a few weeks more than that as I am sure I will need to repeat a few of the tougher weeks before I am ready to move on, but that is okay, I am prepared for that.

I just need to get on top of the food, I look at all the great foods the other bandsters are eating and try to follow some of there plans to get ideas, but Australia has hardly any of the same types of foods, and it is very frustrating, especially in the lite food department. I was looking in the supermarket for a lite marinade sauce, and no go, we have nothing that I could see along those lines.

So I do have a plan of attack, I'm going to search out the products on a calorie count website and see how they compare to the brands I can get here, my thought is, that they may not be different, just the marketing is different, at least that is the hope. Otherwise, I will have to make the sauces from scratch, and that is just not going to happen, too expensive, too tedious and too much time. Quick and easy, otherwise I'll never follow through.

I guess I just don't really want to commit to a healthy eating plan, the unhealthy one is s much easier and tastier, at least that is how I think my brain is interpreting this. But really when I stop and ink back, I love all the healthy food. Sugar is the enemy and I have to deal with it. I just have to remember what BandedWendy and so many other successful bandsters say to themselves - is this going to help me get to where I need to and deserve to be? And if the answer is no, than I have to say no to it!

And I have to repeat this until it sticks!! Be ause at the moment, it isn't really sticking.

Okay, I have gone on enough. The end of hump day is fast approaching, so I wish everyone a great end to the working week :o)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Texture

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Texture 20120212
Blondie seems to be my muse when it comes to photography. This was earlier this week, we were playing outside with her ball and I just grabbed my camera and took the photo from the ground as she was walking back towards me.

I like taking photos from this angle, it gives a great new view of the world.

Can I just say that this was really not what I was thinking when I was looking for this weeks photo, when I thought of texture, I was thinking of a lovely glass of red wine that was full of texture. I was even going to google all the wine terms I have already forgotten from my two hour wine class in Paris :p  But I didn't have a chance to have a glass of wine this week. I hate drinking alone, so I don't and because I have worked this weekend, there was no dinner or drinks with friends, but that's okay, I can save the wine for another night.

So next weeks topic will be 'broken' - should be interesting to see what I can come up with for that.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

You Tube discovery

So I have to say that I have been doing some major evaluating the last few days. I know I have not been on the right track and while I have been trying to get myself back in the right mode, I have not really known how to get there and so have been trying a whole set of new things, most of which have not lasted more than a day.

The lastest thing I have stumbled across is BandedWendy on You Tube, I followed the link in Anthena's blog and discovered a whole new world of banded sisters. Now BandedWendy is at goal and is a runner and is straight talking! I love it! I guess I was in the right frame of mind to listen to what she said and it hit the right spot!

I have watched a bunch of videos, of her's and many others and while I still love my blog, I hope at I will be able to get up the nerve to also do a vlog soon.

But what inspiration have I gathered from this? Well, I just completed Week One, Day One of the c25k training program! I mean really did it, not a version of it, or 'program to get me ready to do it' I did the official version of the c25k program. 5 minute warm up walk, followed by 60 second jog and 90 second walk for 20 minutes.

And I followed Wendy's advise. I started slow! Walked at 4.5km (2.8miles) and jogged at 6.5km (4miles). So I was very slow, but I completed the whole session and had to stop myself from doing more. Although looking at the miles, I could have upped my speed a little bit more. I don't know miles in relation to kilometers and it can be a little confusing :p but hey, I can only go up from here.

One of the main points that I picked up from Wendy's videos is to increase your speed only by very small increments at a time and so that is what I am going to do.

I have also been looking at a lot of videos on food journals, it is amazing the difference a picture does make. I have been eating too much! I need to measure! And I need to take lunch to work! And I need to start working on this straight away. It's funny, I have been banded for nearly two years and I am suddenly having so much trouble in working out what I should be eating to loose weight. For so long I have been eating foods that go down easily with no effort. I have to completely retrain my brain!

One step at a time. Oh and the other good thing is that my exercise ticker is working :o) I am working towards that goal as well. And I am trying to stick to the no chocolate for February, I have had it a few times, but only a few.

Okay, I had better get back to work, typing this on my iPad inbetween calls. Fun times :o)

Have a great week-end everyone :o)

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make a List from Monday

This one is late, but the idea came from Robyn :o)

The category for Make A List Monday is: Places you would like to visit in the world again or for the first time.  It can be a Country, State, City, Park, place of interest, amusement park, or whatever you are interested in visiting.

Here is my list:
1. Peru - trekking along the Inca trail
2. Egypt - I will get there one day
3. Paris - to return there and explorer some more
4. Africa - animal safari anyone?
5. Scotland - I didn't spend enough time there

6. USA - I don't think six months would be enough time to see everything on my list
7. Canada - another beautiful place 
8. Cambodia - the temples and juggles look so amazing 
9. Northern Territory - yep I do have some of Australia on my list, and this is a territory that I could spend a lot of time in. 
10. New Zealand - the mountains look so gorgeous

So there is my list, a bit late, but I've been busy living in self denial :p but don't worry I'm working on it! Happy Wednesday everyone.

Oh and thanks for all your comments on my Sunday Snaps, next week's topic will be 'texture' so I am busy looking at things that are full of texture.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Newness

Sam's Sunday Snaps - Newness 20120205
I had been looking and looking around me for something that could represent 'Newness' and I caught Blondie looking at me with her very sad eyes. I realised I had been spending so much time trying to find a 'Newness'  subject that I had been ignoring her a little.

So the newness refers to the perception of me looking at things with new eyes.

I hope that doesn't sound like a cop out on this (cause it it does feel like it a little) but that is really what I saw when I snapped this shot. And yes I did then take her outside for a big run around. She was exhausted and happy soon after this shot.

It is funny how a new project can get you thinking.

So there you have the first of my Sunday Snaps. I am actually still working on a button for it (harder than I thought!) and I have decided to stick to just this blog, I have a hard enough time keeping up with one :o)

Friday, February 3, 2012

TGIF and other things

I weighed in this morning and while the results were not good, i am taking full responsibility for them and know that hey were coming and is one of the main reasons for my no chocolate February delarations!

The scale said 113.0kg / 249.1lb that is up 1.3kg / 3.5lb in two weeks.

Even writing my foods down didn't stop me from eating the chocolate, or snacking mindlessly. So now it is out there.

On the no chocolate front, am doing very far. Wednesday (day1) saw me reach for a mini snicker bar in a meeting, I had the wrapped delight in my hand before I remembered that I wasn't allowed chocolate. I quickly dropped it back in the bowl and didn't look at them again. And I have to admit that general eating has improved over the last couple of days. The girls at work are very supportive too. One of them has her own no processed sugar goal this month, so we are helping each other out.

We did have a morning tea for someone's birthday yesterday, but there was no chocolate and I made sure there was lots of fruit to go with the cheesecake and dip. I only had a small bit of the cheesecake! Mind you I also had a mini Frankfurt and then felt a little sick all afternoon, so didn't eat again until 8pm. Not the best, but over with now.

The plan for the month is to keep some cherries and berries at work for my afternoon snack. That is generally when I would devour the chocolate in large quanties, so I do need a substitute for it. No matter what I have for lunch I normall feel hungry aroun 3-4pm and until I can get over this I will eat fruit, not chocolate :o)

But the good news is that it is Friday and I am not working this weekend. First weekend in a while actually. I have been doing a bit of overtime lately, it started because I was getting over the financial burdens of my holiday last year and then Christmas, but I sort of forgot to stop doing so much and so none this week. It's my usual weekend next week and so I think I deserve at least one weekend off! Sad thing is I don't really have anything planned, at least not yet! Will need to think of something that doesn't revolve around food. If the weather clears up I wouldn't mind going for a bush walk in Lamington National Park, but I don't like my chances.

Have to check with the girls at work and get some ideas :o)

And I realise I am just rambling now, so I will sign off. Have a great Friday everyone. The weekend is almost here :o)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The beginning of February

So today marks the start of a new month.

A recap of January's goals sees that I did not do so well. In my choices,

in my exercise goal

or moving in the right direction to realise my dream for the year of reaching my goal.

And while I am aware that I was not putting in the effort I owe myself and the band, I have not yet achieved this effort in my life. So what doesa girl do in times like these?

She commites to the new month. I will complete my goals.

I will make the right choices, I will make my exercise goal, and I will work towards realizing my dream of reaching goal weight this year!

I am worth the effort, why is it we can never believe that of ourselves? We offer so much motivation and support to each other, and yet for ourselves, we don't believe it when we say the exact same things? Or is that just me?

Another thing I am going to follow through this month, is ban the chocolate! I said it in passing in my last post, and didn't really think about what I had typed until you all commented on it! And I realized what I had said and that I really did mean it. I need this 28 days to get the crack that is chocolate out of my system.

I have enlisted the help of all the girls at work (where most of my chocolate consumption takes place) to assist me in this quest for a chocolate free month. And I have ensured there is none in the house too. Thankfully the wasn't any, cause I probably would have polished it all off to get rid of it!!!

Now all I need to do is achieve these goals.

I can do it, I just have believe in myself and believe all the wonderful words of wisdom I receive from you lovely ladies :o) thanks again for your support, I love you all!!

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