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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday catch up

I saw the doctor and basically the only helpful thing that happened is I got my letter to see the lapband doctor. Everything else didn't go as well.

Basically, my little finger probably has a small fracture or break, but as it is not swollen or disfigured, there is nothing they can do, if I want I can get an x-ray, but "give it a few days to see if it stops hurting before you decide if you want to get that done".

As for the knee, he did give me the name of a physio in the area, but after going through my recent weight history (the pain started after a gained a few kilos) he suggested to see if losing those few kilos helps with the problem - which is what I am doing anyway, but I think I also need to see the physio.

There is always something that needs work on :o)

Head hunger is ahead today, mainly cause we are having a footy day at work
I get to wear the jersey I was given :o)

Basically there is a lot of junk around the office. I have had a party pie and 2 small chicken dumplings as well as a few handfuls of chips and lollies. So it could have been so much worse. But could have also been so much better!

I just have to stay strong over the three day weekend (love public holiday Monday's - hate having to work them) i am working all three days and usually that means bad food choices. The plan is to bring in carrots for snacking and leave cash at home so that I only eat what I have at work.... but I really don't think that will work, so I am working an planning snacks a little better and be a little bit more prepared!

Off to do that now! Enjoy your Friday and I hope all the BOOBs are having a fantastic time in Chicago :o)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So much for regular posting :p

Don't know where the time has gone... And whoe some things have changed, some are still the same!

I actually haven't been to the doctors yet and I need to for several reasons. But it takes so long to see any one at the practice I go to and I always feel like a hypochondriac. I am trying to get an appointment at a new place where they actually allow appointments, not like the place I go to where you show p, they take your name and add it to the list in front of you.

But I do need to do this soon, cause I need a referal letter to see the lapband surgeon renewed (otherwise I'm out of pocket for the visits) and I need to have my knee and little finger looked at..

Knee: this is probably something that the doctor won't be able to help, but will be able to give a referal letter to a physio for it. Not sure what is wrong, but I am getting some pain in it and I think from compensating for it, is the reason my hip is also sore. Nothing to play around with I know.

Little finger: this is weird, I was walking my dog about five weeks ago and the leash got caught up around it, when Blondie yanked, so was my little finger. At first I thought it was bruised. It wasn't too painful. But then a knocked it outwards and I got some pain. It's fine if I push the finger into my hand, but as soon as it is moved too far away from the natural pose of the finger there is some pain. And that can never be good.

On the up side. I have been doing yoga on a regular base. Three to four times a week in the mornings before work. And while this is more than likely thenreason for the knee pain. It doesn't hurt if I am careful, in fact Ithink because it is very structured and precise movements, it is actually helping, but it is sore after it, so I am taking it easy and trying not to over do it.

I do have to stop myself from thinking about how I look when I am doing it cause I feel as though this is what I look like:
And if I think about too much, I would stop!

But I am getting there.

The weight is still up - another reason why I need to get back to the surgeon, so that I can get a fill. At the moment I'm on 113.1kg / 249.3lb which is up about 3kg / 7lb from my lowest. At the moment I am doing some shakes for breakfast and lunch, with a snack in the morning and afternoon and then dinner. Not the best, but it is what I need to do for the moment. Hopefully it will help with my head hunger too.

I realised this morning that the head hunger is a battle I have never won and I have to wonder if that is the main difference between the lapbanders that get and stay at goal and those of us who don't. I sort of had it a little under control for the first six months after surgery, but then lost it... I want it back, that drive and determination. I am trying to get it, everytime I go to the crap food, I think, do I want this, am I hungry, do I want to get closer to goal? And so far the good is winning more often then not. Although I did cave once today and had a small packet of chips, but I said not to biscuits, chocolate and sugary drinks, so that is a start!

In other rambling news. I have got the new iPhone on order. Hopefully I will have it by the end of next week..... Fingers are crossed. Less than a week after the release of it and the whole country has sold out it seems. Its not like Apple didn't know it was going to be popular :p

That all for now, I will get back here soon ;o)

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a Week

So I was thinking over the last week with my neice being up and I realised it was a huge week for me. Besides having her up here and trying to help her with what she has been going through, I have had an amazing week of good fortune!!!

Monday at work I got a visit from Steve Walters (Rugby player for Queensland and former Qld State of Origin player) I had helped with a large group booking of kids on our trains for a foundation he works with. He came to give me one of these:

Commemorative State of Origin jersey and it lists all of the Queensland players that have played on our state's side through the years.

Even better is that it is signed by Mal Meninga (Legend and Team Coach)

And Cameron Smith (Team Captain)

Wednesday I was able to get a couple of tickets to a Pitbull concert through work!
And they were great seats too!

Now I did not really know what to expect as I didn't know of Pitbull by name prior to this. But I was very pleasantly supprised that I actually knew a lot of the music and really liked it. I am just terrible putting artists to music :p there was a bit of at very heavy bass usage in the music that I do not like, but on the whole. It was great music and a great (if not late) night.

I also really enjoyed e support acts that were on.

And then Friday comes and I won the work's social club Father's Day raffle
Yep, an awesome four burner BBQ, I haven't gotten this one home yet, and it comes in two boxes, one weighs 20kilos the other is 40 kilos, so I need to ise a trolley and have someone helping me get it into a car! So it will have to wait until this week end when I am working and will be able to take the car in.

When I think back. I don't think I could have had a better week. Tori was happy, I was happy and we all had a great week.

Pity it couldn't have continued. Tori went home Friday and on Father's Day yesterday my sister and her husband wouldn't let there daughter come over and visit them so that she could give him his Father's Day present. What sort of mother and father do that? So she is again upset! I wish she would have listened to me when I told her to stay away feom them, but I can'tblame her, she still loves her family and still wants to be a part of their lives. They are just selfish @sses that don't care about anything other than themselves!

Sorry, rant over.

Anyway, I hope to be able to help out Tori anyway I can!

Now it is Monday morning and I am on my way into the city for an early Yoga class, trying it out to see how the 7-8am class works in with my morning prior to starting work. I am hoping to get to the class four mornings a week. It will help with relaxing (hopefully) and also with getting me in a good frame of mind for the day.

Tackeling my depression on as many fronts as possible and this is just one of them.

Have a great week everyone!