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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Every Day!!!

This is what I have to remember!!!

This morning I went to the gym and ran, I am taking Manda's advice and not doing the c25k program, just jogging for as long as I can and then walking until my breathe and heartbeat get back to normal and then jog some more!

I think I ran more than I would have on the program, but as I never noted the distance before I really have no way of knowing for sure. So today I recorded it and will start to take a record of it all the time.

This morning I went 2.87 km in 30 minutes, that includes the warm up / cool down time walking.

Having said that, I then continued my morning by ruining all that good work at the gym and ate some mini wagon wheels!  I do this all the time and it is really frustrating!!

The above picture is just something I need to keep in mind! Even though the first pic really does not do me any favours it is where I have come from and the image on the right is one that I think looks healthy and I would love to have a body like that :o)

Evey decision I make needs to aim towards a healthier me and I need to constantly remember this. EVERY DAY!!

Okay I'm done for today's post, enjoy the rest of the week end, I hope you are fairing better than me, it is sweltering here in Brisbane and the fan is not doing much at all :P


  1. What a great motivational picture! I need to do one of those and post it on the fridge!

  2. I often forget that it's the opposite in Australia from us, you have summer in December/January where we are in the heart of winter. Enjoy the heat though dear cause it will be cooler in July/August huh?

  3. Amen! It's hard to remember sometimes but every day we need to make those good decisions.

  4. Great work! You'll be amazed how much your running improves with just plugging away at it - doing what you're doing is great - each day, just push yourself a little further before you go back to walking, and always try to round up the total amount (e.g. today you did 2.87 - tomorrow, make it 3km. It worked for me - I can now run 10km in about an hour, and can still breathe at the end!!!