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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

Another year begins, lets see how I ended 2012
This is how my commitment for the end of the year went.... Not so good, but I fully understand that my health played a large roll in not meeting those targets.

I stopped blogging because I was not doing so well, health wise and mentally, and while I should have blogged, I really didn't want to bore you or myself with my self pity! The sore on my chest has finaly been sorted, although I do have a mean looking scar. All the antibotics I had been on for over a month caused some irritable bowel syndrome problems that just added to the saga :p but that should also have finished for good (fingers are crossed on that)

As for the weight, well, all I can say is that being sick probably helped me get so close to the goal of 105kg, as there was not a lot of exercise to assist with the goal.

Moving on to 2013 :o)

No New Years Resolutions, just good decisions! And to have those good decisions develope into good habits.

The decision to exercise more often, take my vitamins daily and stop using food as an emotional crutch!

Forming habits is a difficult task to complete, but it is something that will happen!

The first of these good decisions started this morning, i had to start work at 8:45am and got into the city early, so early that my usual coffee shop wasn't yet opened, so instead of sitting down and waiting for them to open up, I went for a brisk walk about town for 20 minutes (traffic was very light and so I was very early) power walking through the streets felt great and woke me up, helping me to get ready for a day of answering phone calls!

The hardest part will be to continue to make the decision to get up and exercise every day! To say no to the daily chocolate and only have it occasionally! And to remember to take all the vitamins every morning!

For January I am trialing a small calendar and stickers. A different sticker for vitamins and exercise. And at the end of the month I will se how that goes. I may even post a picture of it if I do well enough.....if I never mention it again, you can just assume that the idea didn't happen and I am ignoring it in the hopes that no one will notice I didn't follow through ;p

Other than that, I haven't got much to report.

I hope everyone has had a great New Year and that 2013 is the year we acheive all that we set out to acheive :o)


  1. Happy New Year! Gad to see you are on the right track!

  2. Happy new year .... Awesome your walk could do that every day then get your coffee. Small change done early instant reward with your coffee fix

  3. I love the sticker/calendar method. I do that for myself with the gym every now and then when I want a boost. I love seeing them pile up!!!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year sweetie! This is OUR year!

  5. I love that you made decisions and not resolutions! Great idea! I am so glad that all your medical worries have finally sorted, this is feeling like a 2 digit year to me! You can do it Sam!!!!!!

  6. Hope that 2013 is going well for you!