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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Continuing my Plan

The plan is going well, but a few points on it that I should clarify for you. I am not trying to do everything on my plan straight away. I know that would just set me up for failure.

Something I should have mentioned last week in my post is that the plan is the long term goal, that is what I want my lifestle to be. Accomplishing that will get me to goal and change my lifestyle so that it is for life change, not a diet to get me to the first stage.

At the moment I am concentrating on some of the smaller things, the rest; because that is very important and without it, makes everything else nearly impossible. The water, because we are about to get into winter here, and that is when I struggle with water, and the exercise; because that is the one I want in my life the most.

Exercise is what I want my life to be about. I love the thought of being active and while I may go on about it, I know I have to in order to keep reminding myself what I do want my life to be.

Having said this, the other aspects of my plan were never far from my mind this week, and I did find that I was mostly there with the rest of my plan. While I didn't track my food, I was making better chioces, proteins with veges for most meals, and not nearly as many 'treats' as I normally would have, that is not to say that I didn't have them, but I did limit them, to the point were even out with friends, I choose a bottle of water instead of a soft drink and chocolate. I didn't even feel any envy while she ate it either. I enjoyed my cold water and continued on with our outing.

Oh, and that outing? It was shopping for hiking clothes! There was a great Brisbane hiking store that was relocating and we were checking it out because we want to get into hiking.

The main reason for this is that we are trying to put together a trip to South America next year... yes, we want to do the Inca Trek! It is a big trek, we know this, and to do it, both of us have to loose weight and get fit, very fit. At the moment we can do an hours walk no problem...if there are not too many hills. That is a huge diference to the 42 km or 26 mile trek in high altitude and we know it.

This is why the plan is so important. I have to loose more weight so that I am capable to do the trek.

So there you go, I have said it out loud. I want to do the Inca Trail trek in August / September 2014. And I am not letting myself stop me!

And so tomorrow is the first of my weigh ins that I have done for a while. I know I am up stightly from the last time I logged, but I am okay with that, because I am never going to be there again.

Very simply put, I need to start loosing weight and I need to keep loosing for some time.
This is what I am aiming for, I am thinking that I have kept the goals reasonable, and the time frames of every four weeks is manageable. I just have to add my offical start weight tomorrow morning! I think it will be around 112kg / 247lb. But I will need to wait and see as I am trying to stay away from the scale a bit so that I don't stress too much.

I also have worked on my meal planning a bit to cover lunches, tuna, egg and salad looks the go for this week, just something quick, easy and tasty in what I was thinking. But I will also be starting to plan dinners as well, so that I have a plan ready to go and I can get the shopping sorted out and not have to worry about what to do each night. This will also assist with budgeting so that I can actually pay for this big trip :p

Obviously, time will tell on how this goes, but if I don't try, then I won't get there. And this is what I have to keep me going...

I will keep you updated, thanks for so much of your comments. I love them all!!!


  1. Great plan! You can do it :) I know you can!

  2. sounds awesome. and the hike sounds incredible. you are worth the effort and you will do this!

  3. My gosh - what an awesome GOAL! I'm so excited for you and that weight chart is inspiring - nothing but down down down. Love it!

  4. What an amazing goal, holy cow!!! You will get there, I can't wait to see it!

  5. I love your goal of the Inca Trail trek! Sometimes it's hard to stay focused on a goal that is so far in the future--but your list of interim goals seems like a great way to keep up your momentum.