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Monday, September 9, 2013

Been a while....

Yes I have been away for quite a while.

For the most part, nothing has changed, and at the same time alot has changed!

Weight is still around the same, but I am feeling so much better, about myself and my life and my journey.

I am exercising regularly... for how long? Well I am aiming for life, anything short of that I do not want to accept!
This was this mornings workout session.

And I have been getting to the gym Monday to Friday, but I have not been as good on the weekends.

I tend to do up a snapshot like this and put it on instgr@m each day so that I try to stay accountable and motivated.

I do love how I feel after a great session and how much I can improve from week to week. This is only the third time I had done the above leg session and the difference that I felt even from last week is amazing. My dream has been to become active and to have exercise as a part of my daily life, I actually feel as though I am getting there.

Mentally, I think you can tell I am in a better place, I finally went to my doctor and talked about my problems.

Depression and anxiety are not fun to live with, but getting help is the hardest step ever. Once you take it, it is also the best step you can ever take. What made it even harder was that I had been there before and had stopped taking medication. I found it so hard to go back to the doctor and tell her that I needed to go back onto it!

Of cource she completely understood and was wonderful about the whole thing, put my mind at rest about a lot of the anxiety I had been having and has me on a different type on anti-depressants from last time. so far they are working a lot better, but she is monitoring me and we are working through it.

So there are the two main thins that have previously held me back, with just food being the missing link!

It is better, but still not great. I am eating a lot of higher protein foods, but still have a lot of problems with snacking, especially when bored at work! And I can be very busy, but still bored!

I have actually applied for a different position at work, but that has been put on hold for a while due to a new system taking up all our time and a resuffle not being the best option at this stage in the game...blah, blah, blah...same story they always say. Hopefully I will actually get to learn a new role sooner rather than later there, as a change is what I really need.

Well I don't know if anyone still reads this, and that is okay, because this blog has always been more for me getting things down, then writting it for other people, but if you are reading, thanks!!! And I will be back a lot quicker this time :o)


  1. Great that you are working out so much! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. i can relate to a lot in your please keep posting.... the stress....eating because of it.... keep it up...we will get there...