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Monday, September 30, 2013

The scale and other scary items in my life

This morning I weighed I at 112.5kg (approx. 248 lb). It has been a while since I stood on a scale and while I have been exercising hard in that time; my food choices have let me down; because this number is up!

So it may be Monday (the worst day to restart something) and it may be only 4 weeks until I jet off to China for 11 days (when I will be in true holiday mode); but I can not let any of this stand in my way of eating right; otherwise; what the hell am I doing?

Today I brought my lunch to work and there will be no more sugary flavoured coffees, I can not believe how much sugar is in the coffee shop Chai Lattes; my tea mix doesn’t have any calories listed on it and the ingredients are tea and spices, so I mistakenly thought that the shop versions would be similar; I was wrong; there’s seems to be based on sugar with some spices added!! So I shall just have to have the plain coffee again and left the yummy chia for home! And work on getting some sugar free flavours shipped over from the USA, because you can only readily get sugar-free vanilla here and I am not a real big fan of that one!

I have wondered about my lack of blogging and I have to admit it is the usual cause for my absence.....failing to loose weight! But it is silly to do that because I love reading of people's struggles as well as the continued successes! Firstly, it highlights issues I am usually having and offers alternative ideas on how to deal with them, and secondly, it is so great to see that person work through them and continue the journey. Prehaps if I had continued to blog more regularly I would have worked through the last platuea of two and half years a bot quicker!

So I am going to keep blogging, even if it does get a bit boring with just food updates and exercise updates! It is mostly for me and that is what I have to remember! I need to do whatever will work for me.

Now onto something equally depressing, work! Ireally wish I was rich and didn't have to work to pay off my morgage! Not liking it at all at the moment! Can I just say that new programs that don't do what was promised and take ten time more time, effort and people to complete a task SUCKS!!! But that is all I will say on the matter as I would likely to be fired if I said what I really thought. They keep assuring us it well get better, but at the moment I just can't see it and am just a little over being constantly emotionally and mentally exhausted each day!

I am trying to focus on the good things in my life, the upcoming trip to China that I am very excited about and all the great workouts I am enjoying. By focusing on them I am less likely to give in to the cravings for crap food that I have when under emotional stress!!!

and on that note I am off for today, I think I have rambled enough. Step by step I will get there :o)


  1. my hubby is going to China too, but for work. No fun for him!
    Good luck and have fun!

  2. OMG! I lurve chai lattes too, but they are the equivalent of a whole meal in calories! In Melbourne I got chai gelati too. That was amazeballs!

  3. a lot can happen in the 4 weeks between now and your china trip. don't let the anxiety of eating on that trip consume your 4 weeks leading up to it. instead try, and i KNOW how hard this is, to get your mojo back so by the time you go to china you are in better control of things.

    keep blogging...