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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What is so different about the weekend?

Time and time again I have to wonder why I do not follow through on the weekends? And I think I may have come up with a few reasons.....

  • Routine

I have none on the weekend, whether I am working or not, there is no routine to my Saturday or Sunday! And that just makes it difficult to stick to a routine.

The only regular thing about my weekend is the planned long Sunday walks I do with a friend, but that can easily be cancelled if either of us is not feeling well or if either of us have to work in the morning. And if I don't go for the walk, I rarely make it to the gym instead.

  • Relaxation


When I am not at work, I automatically fall into a relaxed mode where I have no motivation or will power to get up and do something, at least nothing that doesn't involve friends and fun.


  • Foods

There is no food structure or plans on the weekend, I can have exactly the same stuff at home as what is at work and it doesn't matter, I will just eat what ever and rarely do I stick to a game plan to keep within a calorie range.

The brain really shuts down when it comes to food on the weekend, usually because I am socialising and feel so awkward around other people at times that I eat to cover the fact I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. The fact may be that I do, but it is all about your own prospective on any situation that we worry about, isn't it?

  • Time

Main problem, and I think the route of everything else is that there is so much extra time on the weekend. You get so used to rushing, fitting stuff in and keeping on track that the extra time just ruins me! And while I still don't do so well on the weekends that I work, I do a lot better than other weekends when I don't have work on top of everything else.

So who knew that having so much time on your hands could be a bad thing for staying on track? I would have thought it made it easier as there was time to plan ahead, time to get to the gym,time to shop smart! But for me that time just makes everything available to do later and later then turns into, "I didn't do that this week". Procrastination, my name is Sam ;p

So the problem lies in how to fix this flaw in me so that I no longer waste and ruin my weekends and stay on track for the great weigh in on Monday's?

I have come to the realisation that besides all my list making and plan writing I am really no good at making a plan that works for me! So that is what I am going to work on, making better plans so hopefully I can work smarter and not harder! (Side note, they have been drumming that into us at work for must be sinking in finally ;p)

Good news is that I will be working this weekend, so it should help in getting a better than most weekend off to an even better start! I shall keep you posted on how I go ;)

P.S. I didn't weigh in this week, I thought it better to not disappoint myself this week cause I have been eating too much crap that I just know it wouldn't have been any good & I can only deal with so much disappointment at the moment :/

Enjoy your week :o)


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