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Monday, August 25, 2014


Persistence is the key to any successful journey and is something I am lacking in!

Trying to get it takes time, and through that time it can be hard to see the results, which altimately stops me! Times are tough when the one thing you need to do to get to the goal is the one thing you lack!

So I need to stop looking so far ahead!

I can not focus on the fact that I have 50+kilograms (110 + pounds) to lose!

I have to focus on 5 kilograms - I need to get rid of 5 kilograms (11 pounds)!

Small attainable goals, that are within reach!

Now is May seem like simple stuff, but for what ever reasons, I have lost this insight over time and am now just rediscovering it!

Same goes for jumping in and signing up for next year's ToughMudder! That seems like an unabtainable goal at this point, but I can't focus directly on that yet. So I have a Holt Bolt obsticale course race in five weeks:
The Holt Bolt is a 5-6 km event and while it is hard, it is not the 20km event that ToughMudder is, so a great starting point!

I went to the gym this morning and it went well! I have a plan in place for the whole week:

Monday - 20 min cardio & upper body strength
Tuesday - 20 min cardio & lower body strength
Wednesday - 50-60 min cardio
Thursday - rest
Friday - 20 min cardio & upper body strength
Saturday - 20 min cardio & lower body strength
Sunday - active rest (scheduled hike with a friend)

Now I know it is full on, but I am taking it easy, and I know me!! If I don't go all the time, I don't go at all!

I have put Thursday as a rest day, because if I'm going to have a late night it is usually Wednesday night, as a friend and I usually go to Trivia that night after work :)

Persistence is key, and I have to take it one day at a time to get to my goal of being persistant and achieving my small, measurable & achievable weightloss goals!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Once apon a time....

Once apon a time there was a girl who throught she understood what it meant to have weight loss surgery. She thought she was ready. She thought she had done all her research and knew what she was getting into. She thought she was ready to make the required changes needed in order to succeed in this life changing journey.

I was wrong!!!

Throughout my time so far with my band I have always thought the hardest part of the journey was when you don't have any restriction so you can eat more than you should.

Not so, the hardest part is when you have great restriction and yet you still don't loss weight! Not because there is something wrong with it, but because you make the wrong decisions on what to eat. To be honest that should say because "I" make the wrong decisions!

It is yet another Monday and once again I am trying to restart my action plan. The biggest problem I have at the moment is that exercise is starting to hurt again!

I had gotten to the point where I enjoyed exercise and loved the fact that I was getting stronger and leaner, but over the last six months, my brain has refused to push enough so that I actually get of the couch and the horrid rocking shuffle is returning to my walk!
I hate the way I am feeling, looking and thinking right now and I know that this is something I need to get past before I will be able to successfully get on with my weight loss journey. But finding a decent doctor to talk to is difficult! My regular GP left the surgery I was going to with little warning and her new practise in nowhere near me so I can't get to see her anymore and I am not impressed with the replacement do tors they have at the practice.

The worst thing about this is that I was just finishing sorting out the medical problems with her and we were then going to look into my head, when she moved!

So starting that all over again is just another pain I don't want to deal with.

I miss writting... I would get a lot of my thoughts out with paper and pen, but finding the time and privacy to do that is difficult. I used to do a lot of that at work, either in down time or during my breaks, however my office has gone paper free because we take credit card details over the phone. While I completely understand the reasoning behind it, I hate, hate, hate the fact that I can no longer doodle at my desk. If the computer is taking 10 minutes to process, I just have to sit there and wait!

Because we are no longer to eat at our desk the staff room is always busy, so there is no ME TIME anymore there! And trying to do something privately in the staff room is impossible. So that is a major stress release that is no longer available to me!

So all this babbling has got me to the point of where I am now:
My plan?
Yep, don't even know when it will be, I just know that I will be doing it and to get through it I will have to toughen up and get to the gym!

My name is Sam and yes I am insane :p

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Learning Process

It seems that I have to learn my band all over again!

Having had little to no restriction for so long, relearning the small portions and what doesn't work is kind of weird! Weird that I have to learn it again, because it seems as though I should never forget that lesson.

It should be second nature by now, but it isn't. I have been ignoring the fact that I have a band for the last six months, hence why I am where I am!

To make matters even more interesting I am actually on holidays at the moment and as I type and travelling through the night on The Ghan. An iconic train trip from Darwin to Adelaide over three days.

Only problem is the very limited internet access while travelling. I only get bars on both my phone and iPad when we stop in a town. Next stop is Alice Springs at 9am!

So far on this trip I have embraced the small bits and slowly eating meals and leaving plenty on my plate. It is good to have the yummy meals still, and know that they are not going to completely unravel me as I can only eat a small part of them. And I have followed the golden rule of protein first!

So here it is, just a quick update to say I am still here and still working my band the way I should! With it, and not trying to get around it :)


Thursday, March 20, 2014


Honesty can be brutal, but it needs to be done!

My current weight is 133.5kg or 294.3lb

While this is still down 18.4kg from my highest weight it is UP over 20kg from my lowest!

There are extenuating circumstances that have caused some of this weight gain - over the last six months my thyroid was attacked by my immune system and only now is it back to regular working order with the assistance of medication.

But that is only a reason as to why I was continually tired, not an excuse to continuely eat during that time.

And the fact that I didn't get back to my surgeon for a fill after I went to China last October is another excuse that I can not use. I have had very little restriction, so of course I have been eating more!

That doesn't excuse the fact that I have been eating junk, that is no ether helped in my journey nor has it helped my state of mind during the past few months while I have been gaining this weight!

So not only have I been hiding from the fact that I was gaining weight but I was also hiding from the fact that my choices haven't been good for the most part. You know how a healthy diet generally goes on the 80/20 rule wher it is being good 80% of the time and relaxing on it for the other 20? Well for me it has been the other way around mostly only making good choices 20% of the time...

But while I am still a little tired, I have gotten to the stage were I can't let it affect me so much anymore! I went back to my surgeon, I have gotten a fill and I am already feeling the restriction is back! I stuck to soft food today and I will do so again tomorrow. Two reason; 1 is that I need to learn to cut my food portions down again as they were getting up to near normal sizes again before today and if I over eat with some food, it isn't as painful if it was hard protein, and 2 I have always tended to feel very tight straight after a fill and don't want to agrivate my stomach!

So I am getting my head back in the game and being honest with myself for once! I will keep you posted...

Ps I have missed blogging :/