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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Being #SelfProud

I know it has been a while and in the weight department, I really have not much to report!

I am training a lot these days and thoroughly enjoying it, but for the last six weeks that has been the focus and the food has not been 100% so while I have lost lots of centimetres off the body, not a lot of kilograms have gone with it.

Why the sudden interest in training?!? Well beside the fact that I signed up for a Tough Mudder event (date has finally been finalised for September 13) I have also signed up for Raw Challenge (last weekend), Miss Muddy (next weekend), Tough Bloke/Chick (in Sydney 27 June), True Grit (25 July), Winter Warrior (in Melbourne & in the SNOW!!!! 08 August) and Stampede (05 September)!!!!

Nothing like jumping in :o) & these are just the ones that I have signed up for so far, I am also being TALKED into doing the Brisbane Spartan on May 16 (it will be a rookie round if I do it – not ready for all those burpees yet and I also want the rookie medal :p) and another Raw Challenge in October and a night time True Grit event in December. We will see how I go this year…

So the first race of the year was last weekend…

Saturday 07 March 2015: Raw Challenge

It was great!!!

I stayed over at a friend’s place Friday night and we were out of the house by 6am; first to pick up her dad who was in an earlier wave time to us and headed off to the Gold Coast. Took us about 1 1/2 hours to get down there (which is better than the 3 hours it would have taken from my place). Pull up into a field for a parking lot and mad our way to the small tent city that was Raw Challenge Gold Coast.

One of the reasons we got there so early was that my friend is involved with a new obstacles website and was meeting up with the "crazies" from there. They are a great bunch of people & they truly are "crazy" over obstacle races LOL. I have to admit I am fast in joining in their craziness over these event :o)

This is us in the middle of the race. The one dressed as the Hulk is one of the co-founders of the AusOCRS website and friend from work is the one next to me in the back.

Four of the guys in this photo actually ran in the 8:30 elite wave and then came around again with us to help out (I needed it LOL) 

Can I just say wow on the elite round, that wave is the first one out and is reserved for serious racers and athletes in the OCR circuit! They run for points on a leader board that goes for the whole year and they have championships and such. The winner for this event did the course in 26 minutes!! In comparison I was able to get through it in about 2 1/2 hours :p when we saw the first wave head towards the finish line we thought there must have been an earlier wave that we missed, but no, they were just that fast!!! 

The thing I found out on the day is that I am a lot stronger than I thought and that I still have a long way to go before I am anywhere near ready for Tough Mudder in September!!! 

I really wasn't able to do any of the climbing obstacles without help and lots of it! And anything over 2 meters was too high for me to really do at all. I almost freaked out on the tyre wall, mainly because I was petrified my arms wouldn't hold me up and I couldn't get my legs up high enough to get over the wall. So I got up one side up then had to go back down because I just could not get over it even with three guys surrounding me to help. There were another three high climbing obstacles after that one that I didn't do. As I was already fatigued and I really did not think my arms would support me if I slipped. 

But I am good with that, as this was the first race in my calendar I knew there was going to be ones I couldn't do and it would highlight what I need to work on with my trainer. And I have already discussed it with her so that we can build on my training. 

Other than the climbing obstacles (which half of them were) the rest of the course was great, lots of mud, water and fun. Although the dam swim was cooling, it didn't smell nice!!

I have to admit I am very proud of myself (or as Hulk has labelled it: #selfproud) and I really can't wait for the next one which is next week!!!